Does self-massage provide healing properties?

We can describe self-massage as the practice of manual pressure by oneself, without the intermediary of a professional masseur. This approach uses the techniques of reflexology in order to:

  • Treat or prevent certain diseases,
  • Toning the muscles,
  • Strengthen ligaments and joints,
  • Promote good humor,
  • relieve tension,
  • Optimize rest and relaxation,
  • Relieve emotional and psychic disorders.

You can access the self-massage of the back, face, feet, legs, arms, hands and shoulders. This is the best approach to really pamper yourself and relax.

Origin of self-massage: when?

This principle originated a hundred years ago in Egypt, Greece and Rome. Then, this practice quickly spread to India, China and Japan. 2500 years ago, the Thais also began to practice it. Self-massage is used to regulate energy and to offer a good mental and physical balance. Professionals are always looking to improve and innovate this practice. Currently, several techniques are scattered around the world. And yes, there are currently more than 70 distinctive methods.

It provides many therapeutic benefits

To avoid all kinds of chronic diseases, theself-massage offers particularly simple solutions. It guarantees much more practical and effective benefits than other forms of natural care. It easily relieves all minor pain (physical, muscular, joint, cerebral, emotional, etc.) and minor daily ailments. In fact, it strengthens the health of the body and stimulates the immune defenses.

It regulates muscle contractures and maintains vitality while eliminating different kinds of fatigue. Indeed, it stimulates the whole body and strengthens all its physical and mental abilities. It allows to evacuate the stress and to fight against the embarrassments particularly related to the pregnancy. Thus, it fights against insomnia, improves sleep and eliminates toxins. It allows you to find serenity, well-being and peace. It also increases longevity.

How to be effective in self-massage?

Self-massage is practiced with or without oils in a lying or sitting position. The principle is based on pressure with the fingers, the palms of the hands and the fists. You can practice it at any time at home, in the office or on public transport. Moreover, the fact of massage on waking presents an ideal moment to carry out a energizing massage. Before going to bed, its practice produces a very relaxing effect.

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Here are some tips to help you enjoy all of its benefits:

  • Determine a regular time slot,
  • Perform more or less gentle pressure,
  • Enjoy one 15 to 30 minute session per week,
  • Target key acupuncture points,
  • Use essential oils like lavender for example.


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