Does the Ornish diet really help with weight loss?

Does the Ornish diet ring a bell? Have you ever practiced it? As the name suggests, this practice was created by Dr. Dean Ornish. It aims to reduce cholesterol levels, thus allowing you to lose weight and maintain health. The diet is based on dietary changes, lifestyle modification and physical activity.

What is the principle of this Ornish diet?

The objective of the practice is above all to adopt a healthy lifestyle and improve your health and quality of life. The Ornish regime then imposes various changes, namely:

  • Dietary changes and a classification of foods. Foods are categorized into 5 different groups ranging from healthiest to least healthy. In other words, group 1 contains healthy foods and group 5, those less healthy;
  • The practice of physical activity. It should be moderate, but can be intense if your body tolerates it. Moreover, he recommends doing aerobic exercises and muscle building;
  • A change in your relationship life. Dr. Ornish insists that relational life has a huge impact on quality of life. Therefore, it is important to establish emotional ties with those around you, and especially with friends and family. You have to spend time with them. If necessary, it is necessary to integrate support groups;
  • As stress is detrimental to health, it is recommended to modify its management. To do this, several techniques such as relaxation or meditation, are to be done.

What are the dietary modifications adopted in this practice?

By following a Ornish diet, you must reduce the consumption of certain foods in your meals and promote the consumption of others. The diet imposes a strong reduction, or even elimination, of fats, even lipids in your diet. They should not represent more than 10% of your calories. It is also necessary to limit the consumption of sugar, salt, proteins as well as industrial dishes. Alcohol should also be limited.

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The recommended foods are especially those rich in fiber. It is therefore advisable to consume:

  • Fruits: they must be present at each of your meals. Moreover, for snacks, it is especially necessary to eat fruits. It is important to consume fresh fruit;
  • Vegetables given their high dietary fiber content;
  • Seeds or legumes;
  • Wholemeal bread and cereals to eat for breakfast and lunch.

You can also afford to eat low-fat yogurt for breakfast and pasta for dinner.

What are the benefits of this diet?

The Ornish diet brings you many benefits:

  • A feeling of satiety: even if there are many prohibited foods, you still have a wide choice of foods to eat. Moreover, there is no limit in the consumption of fruits;
  • Well-being given the restriction of fat consumption and the promotion of dietary fiber in your diet;
  • The reduction in calories thus leading to a weightloss.

However, it is also necessary to consult the opinion of a doctor or a dietitian before following this diet. She did not suit everyone. It carries certain risks in certain people given certain dietary restrictions.


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