Drs Denys and Valérie Coestler: how to have natural immunity at the top. Webinar

In this period of pandemic, prevention of the infection of the coronavirus, everyone goes there with their good advice, their herbal tea, their miracle cure.. Attention!

If preventive measures or natural means of strengthening one’s immunity do exist, it is important not to get carried away in any direction.

Our immune system is quite complex, viruses, their mode of replication and contagion are too. Dr. Denys Coestler, intensive care physician and trainer in hypnosis, will explain to us in a few clear and accessible words the main lines of the functioning of our natural defense system: the immune system.

Then with Valérie, his wife, general practitioner, homeopath, they will explain to us what are the best natural means to strengthen our ground, stimulate our immunity and have a morale and an unfailing optimism despite the difficulties of the period.

Natural Immunity Solutions That Work

Food, nutritherapy, gemmotherapy, homeopathy, physical activity, meditation, hypnosis, all the effective and scientifically recognized solutions will be explained to us to enable us to best help our immune system to deal with viruses and to strengthen our ground.

The couple of doctors Denys and Valérie Coestler will clarify all this for us during a free webinar which will take place tonight, Thursday April 9 at 8:30 p.m. (Paris time)

To attend and ask your questions to the doctors, it’s super simple, just register here:

The couple of doctors will be interviewed by the journalist François Lehn, specialized in health/science. This webinar is hosted by bebooda.com.


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