Dry stagnation? Try one of these 2 techniques to pass a level!

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There are a few alternatives to consider when trying to cut dry and want to improve the effectiveness of your efforts. Keep in mind that these 2 techniques won’t necessarily work for everyone, but they can get you through a plateau or stagnation. These are not diets but adjustments that do not involve lowering your calories.

Carbohydrate cycling

Some people lose fat more efficiently by eating more fat and less carbohydrate. Carbohydrate cycling therefore consists of adjusting the carbohydrate intake according to the day, which is particularly effective if your body is sensitive to carbohydrates.
There can be no carb days, low carb days, and high carb days.

Here are the 2 simplest approaches:

Approach A : every day of the week is low or moderate carb and once a week you have a refill day.

Approach B: You keep high carb days for heavy and intense workouts (eg back and thighs), moderate carb days on other days, and no carbs on rest days.

You will surely make mistakes and make the necessary adjustments later. Find what works best for your body and incorporate carbohydrates appropriately.

Carb backloading

There are many scientific studies on the carb backloadingwhich was popularized by physicist John Kiefer.
This diet begins by going 10 days without eating carbs. During this period, the body will devour fat cells and become accustomed to burning fat for energy rather than carbohydrates.
After 10 days of adaptation, you incorporate carbohydrates again BUT only after training.
The fun part is that carb sources can be very sweet. Ice creams, cakes and other sweets are allowed and even recommended!
Carbohydrates, only used after exercise, restore muscle glycogen stores quickly and facilitate recovery.

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