Dulcamara or Solanum scandens Lamarck in rheumatology

Homeopathic dilutions and the mother tincture of Dulcamara are essentially derived from the aerial parts of bittersweet. A climbing plant that naturally inhabits the humid forests of all Europe. Having the scientific name solanum dulcamara or solanum scandens lamarck, it belongs to the Solanaceae family of plants. In adulthood, this poisonous weed can measure between 100 to 200 cm in height. A decorative plant with white or purple flowers that has purifying, calming and resolving properties. Its oval leaves can be used as a poultice. Its branching stem is somewhat cylindrical and voluble.

Overflowing with diosgenin, this species of dicotyledonous grass is the basis of the homeopathic medicine Dulcamara. Its use is recommended in case of exposure to damp cold and all the pathologies associated with it. It can also combat the consequences of a sudden cessation of cold sweating. The main indications of this remedy are then very broad.

Indications for Dulcamara in Homeopathy

The Dulcamara homeopathic strain cures all multiple effects of Damp Cold. Indeed, here is a whole list of diseases it can treat:

  • headaches, hives, colds, coryza, nasopharyngitis, hay fever,
  • torticollis, neuralgia, sciatica, asthma,
  • osteoarthritis of the cervical vertebrae, sinusitis,
  • measles, urinary incontinence, neuralgia,
  • fall and summer pollinosis, migraine,
  • joint pain, lower back pain, bronchitis, muscle pain,
  • warts on the palms of the hands and on the face, flat warts,
  • diarrhea (autumn and late summer) after a cold,
  • inflammation of the mucous membranes and skin irritation after exposure to humidity and cold.
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Dermatologically, the homeopathic remedy Dulcamara treats dermatoses and itching caused by cold water.

Dulcamara treatment: for how many granules?

Most often, this strain is prescribed in the dosage form of granules, which is created from glucose and sucrose. The use of ampoules or drops (hydro-alcoholic solutions) is more restricted and limited.

In case of asthma, nasopharyngitis or cold, use 5 granules (5 CH) at a frequency of 3 times a day. For cold snap diarrhea, take 5 granules (5 CH) after each bowel movement and until improvement. To fight against warts: 9 CH, 5 granules/d.

Like all homeopathic medicines, the taken from the Dulcamara strain must be done outside of coffee, tobacco and meals. You should also avoid taking spicy foods and all products containing mint. The granules should be melted under the tongue. No contraindication, everyone can take the homeopathic medicine Dulcamara. Indeed, it is accessible for men, women, children, adolescents, the elderly and even breastfeeding women.


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