Dyslexia, dyspraxia, dysorthography: an application to solve Dys

On the occasion of the 10th National Day of Dys, last October 15, the Association Solutions Impairment of speech and language presented, with the sponsorship of the French Federation Dys, a revolutionary digital tool: E-praeceptor. It’s a first: a tool for detecting and resolving dyslexia in an immersive 3D environment can allow children a collaborative approach. Supported by National Education, this application is also designed to complement the work of speech therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists and teachers…and also help families in supporting their dyslexic child.

Detection and management of dyslexia

According to the French Federation of Dys, between 5% and 8% of the population is affected by a dys disorder. Today, care has made great progress, but the Federation works every year with the public authorities to further improve the daily lives of children and adults with learning disabilities. Among the affected population, there are many inequalities in access to care depending on the territory, but also social inequalities that do not allow some families to optimize the course of care.

Dyslexia is a specific and significant impairment of reading (dyslexia) and/or writing and spelling (dysorthography). The dyslexic child, despite his efforts, encounters difficulties in learning to read, memorizing and recognizing words. These already disabling disorders can be associated with arithmetic disorders, but also with poor motor coordination and attention disorders. The consequences are multiple: the child suffering from dyslexia falls behind and often finds himself in a situation of school failure, he isolates himself or, on the contrary, disrupts the class.

The detection of specific cognitive disorders from an early age can help re-educate these children and ensure their social reintegration. The attention of the families but also of the teaching staff is essential in the process of detecting these disorders.

Studies carried out by specialists in neuro-linguistics show that video games participate in a very positive way in the rehabilitation of dyslexia. The Macron report on the contribution of new technologies also goes in this direction: “immersive technologies are gradually becoming training tools in schools and professionals. Virtual reality makes it possible in particular to visualize complex systems or to train through simulations […]. »

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E-Praeceptor, an easy and fun digital application

The Speech and Language Impairment Solutions association is a solidarity and social association whose objective is to offer educational tools for rehabilitation, and thus break the isolation of people who suffer from language disorders, memory, due to accidents having consequences on the neurological system (stroke, head trauma), or illnesses that make exchanges and social relations difficult (dyslexia, illnesses with associated disorders, memory disorders, etc.).

E-Praeceptor is an application designed by a scientific committee made up of speech therapists, neuropsychology specialists, teachers and will offer rigorous content. This app is intuitive. With his personal code, the user can choose his avatar and enter this universe and progress at his own pace. The educational progression is personalized, it consists of exercises and games. The child evolves in a universe that never places him in a situation of failure.

This application is accessible for all types of IOS. From June 2017, the software will be equipped with an evolutionary algorithm, developed by engineers from INRIA (National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation), to personalize the educational paths in order to better understand the particularity of each child. .

E-Praeceptor: the adventure is on

Sponsored by the French Federation Dys, the E-praeceptor application sets up from October 15, exceptional crowdfunding.

This application needs “a boost” to complete its development. The final release is scheduled for June 2017. Parents and children are invited to meet the E-Praeceptor team on its stand during the National Dys Day. This will be an opportunity to get to know the application which will be on display throughout the day.

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For crowdfunding, just go to the site and let yourself be guided.

Each contributor will help the association to continue the development of the application. This financial contribution will also make it possible to contribute to the social actions of the association, which will offer licenses to the poorest families. Each contributor will then become a development team member of E-Praeceptor, he will receive a newsletter and will be informed of the development of the application. He will also benefit from a 50% discount on his subscription (marketed at the price of 144 euros) from July 2017.

This participatory and citizen project to fight against a disability that often leads to social and professional isolation is sponsored by Christian STREIFF, former CEO of PSA, author of I was a man in a hurry (Ed. Le Cherche Midi). The application is financially supported by the Safran Corporate Foundation and the Ministry of National Education. Researchers from the Le LUTIN laboratory (Paris VIII) are also contributing to the development of E-praeceptor in order to assess the effectiveness of the immersive virtual environment, in particular with the Oculus system which will be adapted for the application from July. 2017.


– Speech and Language Impairment Solutions Association


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