Earth of color, the essential natural colors

In France, 60% of women use coloring for the beauty of their hair. The colorings have become a fashion accessory like any other. If chemical colorings have reigned unchallenged until now in this field, natural colorings can now compete in their quality and safety for the health of the hair and the body.

The hair is linked to all the rest of the body by its root. The hair root is lodged 4 millimeters under the skin, it is there, in the hair follicle that the hair is produced. We have about 100,000 hairs on our heads that grow 1 cm/month. Put end to end, it’s 1 KM of hair growing per month. But since there are no nerve endings in the hair, you can cut it, straighten it, dye it without it reacting, apparently. And that’s where it gets out of hand, you don’t know when it’s getting dangerous.

Chemical coloring, how does it work?

The visible part of the hair is protected by scales rich in keratin. When we multiply the chemical treatments, we damage the protective scales, the heart of the hair and its health. Because to chemically color the hair, it is necessary to apply to them all the paraphernalia of a little chemist. You have to bleach them first and then apply the desired color to them. To do this, we use products such as ammonia or ethanolamine which are used to open the scales to reach the cortex, it is the heart of the hair which contains the natural pigments which give our birth color. This is why you must first open the scales to reach this layer. Second step, we will fill the holes with different colors then close the scales. We then have a permanently painted hair. Along the way, it has lost some of its substance and this happens again with each coloring. We came chemically to remove constituent substances from it to replace them with chemical substances.

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A real little chemist’s laboratory on your head

In chemical stains, some components can scare:

– PPD: paraphenylenediamine is a substance well known to cause allergic reactions.

– Resorcinol: this very common dye in dyes is accused of causing allergies. Furthermore, it has been identified as an endocrine disruptor. It would affect the thyroid gland as well as the thyroid hormones,

– P-Aminophenol

– Toluene-2,5-diamine: it triggers severe allergic reactions,

– Ammonia and its derivative ethanolamine: very alkaline molecule, it can be corrosive for the skin and the lungs and cause allergies or breathing difficulties

– 1-naphthol: irritating to the skin, eyes and lungs,

– p-aminophenol: a powerful allergen.

An impact on health

Repeated staining causes disruption of the immune system. Our terrain becomes favorable to allergies and allergic reactions such as itching, redness, swelling of the scalp or neighboring areas: forehead, eyelid, face. Eczema.

But more, the colorations are suspected, with repeated use, of favoring certain cancers and problem of white blood cells. Since the publication in 2001 in the International Journal of Cancer of a study by Californian researchers showing that the risk of bladder cancer doubled among regular users of hair dyes, European regulations have become stricter. In 2006, 22 hair dyes were banned in particular. The directive of August 2, 2012 set a maximum threshold for 24 new substances, reduced that authorized for others (including resorcinol, see the paragraph below) and prohibited new ingredients. Given the risks, it is also formally not recommended to resort to coloring when you are pregnant.

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Natural colors: beauty and health

If you decide to switch to vegetable or natural coloring, you need to know a few things first. A real vegetable coloring is recognized by its content, it comes in the form of powders and not in creams to be mixed. Take a good look at the labels, not all natural colors are natural. After years of chemical coloring, you will have to wait if you want to go organic. To succeed in the operation, it is better to stop chemical dyes for a while and, at the same time, undertake a hair detoxification treatment by applying a clay-based mask. Finally, the natural coloring does not damage the hair but sheath it with a fine film of pigments. So you can’t go from blond to brown, but you can perfectly cover white hair, restore shine to a natural color and bring life back to the hair.

100% natural detoxifying and treating masks, shampoos and colorings

This is one of the strengths of the range of natural hair care and dyes from the Terre de Couleur laboratory, a pioneer for 30 years in the search for healthy hair products. It is a whole philosophy of life and the best natural components that guided the development of the range.

First of all, to clean the hair and hair bulbs, there are specifically detoxifying Terre de Couleur masks, based on activated organic clay and carefully chosen essential oils. They help eliminate toxins accumulated in the roots of the hair bulb, especially heavy metals. They help to remove the harmful residues of chemical colorings and prepare the hair to receive a lasting and radiant Terre de Couleur vegetable colouring.

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The treatment masks, on the other hand, address specific hair and scalp problems and help maintain an intense and radiant color for longer.

The shampoos can be used alone in maintenance or in deep care associated with the masks, they are to be applied before the shampoo.

Finally, the 9 ultra-soft permanent Terre de Couleur hair colours, which range from mahogany to blonde, are the result of a long and rigorous process of selecting the best pigments, a search for a minimum of break time by compared to other colorations and offer a result without color question appeal. They are resistant to successive washes, unlike temporary stains.

Finally, strong point, the natural colors are free of: parabens, mineral oils, phenoxyethanol, paraffin, phthalates, synthetic dyes, sodium laureth sulfate, synthetic fragrances, silicone, CMR, PEG and are 100% biodegradable and resistant to successive washings, unlike temporary stains. There are currently more than 400 hairdressers in France who use Terre de Couleur products daily.

Safety information for cosmetic products:


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