Eating badly starts with choosing the wrong bread

Tell me what bread you eat, I’ll tell you if you eat balanced! An analysis conducted in Sweden shows that the type of bread consumed, white or wholemeal, says a lot about other determinants of health.

Consuming bread with a high content of whole grains has been linked to beneficial health effects. But if we recognize the benefits attributable to the intrinsic characteristics of whole grains, other factors are likely to intervene.

Eating white bread associated with less consumption of fruits and vegetables

This has been clearly demonstrated by researchers from the Food, Nutrition and Dietetics department of Uppsala University in Sweden, who have clarified the context associated with the consumption of bread. A third of the 1,435 participants in the national food survey eat mainly white bread.

They showed that the consumption of white bread is associated with a younger age group, a lower level of education, the presence of children in the family, a low consumption of fruits and vegetables and a higher consumption of sweets. and snacks.

Familiarizing children and adolescents with wholemeal bread

And the reverse appears for consumers of wholemeal bread. Unsurprisingly, low bread consumers have a low total whole-grain intake. The authors draw attention to the fact that these data suggest an erosion of the traditional consumption structure, with young people less inclined to whole-grain bread and sourdough rye bread. Among other things, they call for the development, from a sensory point of view, of wholemeal breads that are more attractive to the 18-30 age group, families with children and groups with a low level of education.


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Sandvick: Bread consumption patterns in a Swedish national dietary survey focusing particularly on whole-grain and rye bread. Food Nutr Res

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