Eating fish prevents cognitive decline and memory loss

Weekly consumption of baked or grilled, but not fried, fish is found to be associated with less age-related gray matter loss, according to a new study by a team from the University of Pittsburgh.

If the very fashionable sushi contributes to make more frequent the consumption of raw fish, cooked fish can indeed assert its assets, in particular for the health of the brain. This is what emerges from this research conducted among 260 people aged over 65 and with normal cognition, enrolled in a multicenter study for 10 years.

Pisces: Brain Areas Related to Memory and Cognition Most Important

The results show that the consumption of baked or grilled fish at least once a week is associated with greater brain volume, in particular regions associated with memory (+4.3%) and cognition (+14%), compared to those who do not eat fish regularly.

Frying kills the beneficial effects of fish

However, no association was found between these gray matter volume changes and blood omega-3 levels. It should also be noted that no effect is noted for the consumption of fried fish, thus confirming what is commonly accepted, namely that frying fish makes it much less interesting, if only by a substantial loss of its Omega 3.

Prevention of cognitive decline

For Dr. James T Becker, the principal investigator, such lifestyle factors, such as regular consumption of fish, more than biological factors, contribute to structural changes in the brain, and are likely to prevent or delay cognitive problems. which can develop later in life.


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