Eating well costs less than eating poorly

Worried about the cost of your healthy food choices? Some really healthy foods, like fresh produce and fish, can be expensive. But your overall grocery bill may actually be lower because you’re eating less of other expensive foods. Namely all those expensive processed products: crisps, cookies and ice cream. Additionally, you may find that you eat more meals at home and fewer at restaurants, which can also save you money.

How to Stick to Your Grocery Budget While Eating Healthy Foods

Plan ahead

With smart planning, you can get the daily servings of fruits and vegetables you recommend at a very limited price. Shop smart in your grocery store and watch for special offers.

Buy cereal or brown rice in bulk

Organic shops and even supermarkets all now offer food in bulk.

Visit Farmers Markets for Summer Bargains

You can usually buy the freshest produce at the lowest prices.

Consider growing some of your own produce

It’s not as difficult as you think. If you don’t have room for a garden, you can grow produce such as tomatoes and peppers in outdoor pots.

Eat simple meals sometimes

Wholemeal bread, a sardine in olive oil, a bowl of soup and some fruit are not expensive.

And don’t forget that your health is worth the investment. Making good choices now will make your life easier later and maybe save money later.


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