Edelweiss, a mountain plant with exceptional properties for the skin

The edelweiss or “queen of the glaciers” or even “silver star”, from its botanical name Leontopodium alpinum, is a mountain plant that lives at an altitude of more than 2000 m. It can be found in the Barkans peninsulas; the high mountains of the Carpathians, the Pyrenees and Switzerland. Its name comes from two words edel and weiss, which translate respectively to noble and white. Its flowers are distinguished by its starry and tomentose shape. The plant does not exceed 20 cm in height. In the wild, this one is part of the protected species because of its excessive use. However, there are cultures in nurseries in order to preserve it and exploit its moisturizing and antioxidant properties. One can, for example, find in Switzerland large spaces devoted to its culture. It is also one of the key ingredients in cosmetic care. Tannins and flavonoids (luteolins + beta-sitosterols) make up its main active ingredients.

In which case can it be indicated?

  • It’s a powerful antioxidant. Regulars of luxury cosmetic care recognize it in particular for its action against premature skin aging. Its active ingredients eliminate free radicals caused by ultraviolet rays. In addition, the latter manage to soften the skin. They can also treat minor skin burns Recently, scientists have discovered that the plant has an anti-inflammatory action.
  • The queen of glaciers is a recognized gastric tonic since the time of the Middle Ages. Its liquor makes it possible to remedy a bad digestion. Among other things, it can be taken before a hearty meal, in order to prevent indigestion.
  • People who want to climb the high mountains can consider consuming its liquor to prevent the inconvenience caused by high altitudes. It presents a better alternative, for athletes at altitude, it is a remedy against colds, mountain sickness and headache.
  • It also allows the person who uses it to evacuate mucus and remedy against lung ailments.
  • Finally, it would also appear in the treatment of insufficient rules in order to regulate the menstrual cycle.
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In what form can it be used?

It can be found in different forms:

  • Solar cream ;
  • Serum and anti-aging gel for the skin;
  • Ointments for sensitive skin;
  • Aftershave gel;
  • Repairing and protective balms (against the cold, pollution, etc.);
  • Liquor.

How to use edelweiss to take advantage of its benefits?

For restorative skin care, you can buy cold-process organic edelweiss extracts. The homemade preparation is quite difficult to make without the proper materials and ingredients, which is why it is better to buy the extract from pharmacies. You can use it to cure foot dander, sunburn, or to shave, or to make a scrub, etc.

For the digestive problems, you can take 30 to 50 grams of dried flower strands and put them in a liter of boiling water for 5 minutes. Drink 2 to 4 cups a day.


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