Essential oils to cleanse the respiratory tract

When the winter is cold and wet, the lungs and the sinuses are the den of many bacteria and viruses, which find in the respiratory mucus, the lodging and the cover at the same time. We are going to see which essential oils make it possible to clean up these mucus.

Respiratory purifying essential oils

First of all, it is useful to disinfect the bronchi and sinuses. Typically, the respiratory infection starts in the sinuses and nasal cavity. It will be useful to inhale purifying essential oils such as eucalyptus radiata or eucalyptus globulus. In children, we prefer the first eucalyptus mentioned, which is softer. This inhalation can be done either by putting a drop of pure eucalyptus essential oil under each nostril, or by putting some of this essential oil in an aroma diffuser.

Respiratory immunostimulant essential oils

Immunostimulants will also be given; such as ravintsara or tea tree. The first mentioned is also an excellent antiviral, so that it will be preferred in the event that the respiratory problem is viral (viral angina for example) or when the respiratory disorder is accompanied by a flu-like state. Tea tree is an antibacterial essential oil, useful in case of sinusitis or bronchitis type disorders. These two essential oils have the advantage of not being aggressive and of being able to be used even in children under six years old.

White and hazel broth in addition to essential oils

These essential oils can be taken in synergy with plants with a pectoral action or regulating the mucous membranes of the bronchi and sinuses. Let us immediately mention a remarkable plant, the white broth, which is part of the composition of many respiratory plant complexes. This plant has expectorant properties because it activates the cilia of the cells of the bronchial mucous membranes. The eyelashes in question renew the mucous membranes and allow the evacuation of micropollutants that clog the bronchi.

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The hazel in gemmotherapy is the other plant to advise. This bud promotes the tone of the lungs, including in cases of pulmonary insufficiency. It can be advised even in people who have had a serious infectious lung disease, with sequelae such as chronic asthma or pulmonary insufficiency with obstructive tendency.

Don’t forget about prevention

You can’t wait until you have a lung infection to take treatment. In the preventive treatments, the ravintsara will be very interesting, because it stimulates the immune system and makes it possible to better avoid the installation of infectious agents. In addition, you can take an acerola tablet, rich in vitamin C, in the morning on an empty stomach.

Alain Tardif

Naturopath, President of the European Academy of Natural Medicines

creator of herbal and mushroom products and author of numerous books

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