Fatigue, anemia: the best sources of iron in the diet to regain shape and tone

Iron is one of the most essential trace elements in the body. A drop in iron levels can reduce both physical and intellectual capacity. Its main role is to transport oxygen from the lungs to the various organs, but it is also involved in the formation of red blood cells. Iron is only present in trace amounts in the body, which is why it is essential to include iron-rich foods in the menu. A lack of iron can also lead to anemia.

Here are 7 foods to choose for a balanced iron intake.

  • offal
  • The foods richest in iron are organ meats, and more specifically black pudding. A 100 g portion of black pudding contains up to 22.8 mg of iron, which meets the daily iron requirements of an adult. To guard against iron deficiency, it is therefore advisable to consume black pudding approximately every fortnight. For those who don’t like blood sausage, there are also lamb kidneys, which contain around 12g per 100g. Calf’s liver is also one of the richest organ meats in iron. A 100 g slice of calf’s liver contains approximately 7.9 mg of iron.

  • The cooked spinach
  • After organ meats, the food that provides the body with the most iron is spinach. Unlike other vegetables which must be eaten raw so as not to lose their nutritional properties, it is recommended to eat spinach cooked. It is when they are cooked that they are the richest in iron. 100g of cooked spinach contains approximately 15.7g of iron.

  • Red meat
  • If offal and spinach are the main sources of protein, red meat is not left out either. A 100 g portion of beef provides the body with approximately 4 mg of iron. Horse meat contains 5 mg, for the same quantity. If you like game, prefer venison, it contains about 3 mg per 100 g.

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  • seashells
  • Shellfish are among the richest foods in iron, 100 g of shells contain about 15 mg of iron. Clams have a high iron content. 100 g of clams, about 13 medium-sized units, contain 13 mg of iron. If you prefer mussels, know that for 100 g of mussels, you can get 5.47 g of iron.

  • Cocoa
  • Cocoa is another iron-rich food. In 100 g of cocoa powder, without added sugar, there is 10.9 mg of iron. If you like chocolate, choose those rich in cocoa, they are the richest in iron. A 100 g bar of 70% dark chocolate contains 10.7 mg of iron.

  • Dry vegetables
  • Pulses are rich in iron. When cooked, dried lentils contain 8mg/100g, compared to 7mg per 100g for white beans. Iron from plants is always preferred.

  • sunflower seeds
  • Some seeds like sunflower seeds are also rich in iron. Generally speaking, 100 g of this seed can contain between 4.3 and 6.4 mg of iron.

    It is also possible to find iron in large quantities in spirulina and egg.


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