Fibromyalgia natural solutions to cure it

Faced with fibromyalgia, it is important to offer comprehensive treatment as early as possible. Osteopathy, naturopathy and auriculotherapy have shown, in my daily experience as a doctor, results on cases of fibromyalgia in addition, punctually, to a classic medical approach which should not be rejected.

Fibromyalgia is a mild but sometimes disabling disease that affects just over 2% of the French population. This disease mainly affects women willingly at the turn of a physical or psychological trauma. This disease causes diffuse and persistent muscle and tendon pain at specific points that meet the criteria of the American College of Rheumatology. These points are most often distributed in the back, buttocks, ribs, jaw, knee, present both on the right and on the left. If the clinical examination finds at least 11 specific painful tendino-muscular points (out of 18) and the psychosocial context is suggestive, this disease can then be suspected.

Fibromyalgia is a benign disease

There is, in fact, no examination that authenticates it in a formal way but there are bundles of evocative arguments such as:

  • pain in certain tendons and muscles,
  • an absence of joint stiffness, reduced muscle strength and joint swelling,
  • significant fatigue in the morning,
  • frequent sleep disturbances,
  • headaches, digestive pain, anxiety, poor digestion, urinary and genital disorders,
  • a lack of effectiveness of anti-inflammatory drugs,
  • a frequent absence of biological abnormality (on the blood test): in particular no inflammatory syndrome.
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Fibromyalgia would correspond according to my observations to a disturbance of the pain regulation systems with in particular a lowering of the pain threshold, you have pain for pain that is usually bearable!

Fibromyalgia the treatment I use

The treatment that I use in the office for my patients with fibromyalgia combines conventional, low-drug treatment with complementary approaches. The treatment is modulated according to the intensity of the pain, the general state, the existence of an associated depression and the wishes of the patient.

Using conventional treatment

Anti-inflammatories can be given in short courses during inflammatory flare-ups, but their effectiveness is very modest. Analgesics such as paracetamol or weak morphine derivatives and low-dose antidepressants, or pregabalin have a proven action on pain reduction. It is necessary to start the treatment with small doses, and to increase gradually. Tetrazepam or rivotril can sometimes be used to improve sleep, but should be given as a short course to limit the risk of addiction.

Muscle strengthening, stretching and relaxation

Rehabilitation care can be offered with moderate muscle strengthening exercises, stretching, ideally carried out in hot balneotherapy, or even better still, the practice of an endurance or collective sport at moderate intensity. Relaxation, hypnosis, acupuncture, stress management, thalassotherapy, adaptation of the workstation, can sometimes be useful.

Local pain treatment

The doctor can perform local mini-injections (with a very fine needle) of a painkiller mixture next to painful tendons, muscles and ligaments. This mixture most often consists of analgesics, local anesthetics, trace elements and muscle relaxants. These almost painless injections frequently and quickly reduce pain. The protocol is as follows: 1 injection on D0, one on D7 then on demand. To have a lasting result, a new injection must be made approximately every 4 to 6 weeks.

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image Fibromyalgia natural solutions to cure itFibromyalgia natural solutions to cure it

Advantage: this local treatment, almost painless and devoid of side effects, has the advantage of avoiding the prolonged intake of medication.

Complementary approaches to the rescue

Osteopathic treatment on soft tissues (kneading, pinching-rolling, etc.), muscle stretching techniques, uncording improve pain and the therapist-caregiver relationship and relieve pain. Auto-osteopathy techniques on painful and contracted muscles are also useful and allow patient involvement in their treatment. Posturological treatment with correction of dental occlusion disorders (temporomandibular joint), visual convergence disorders and poor ground support can quickly reduce pain and muscle fatigue.


Naturopathy with in particular a balanced and healthy diet avoiding the consumption of certain “aggressive and difficult to digest” foods.

Taking specific trace elements, purifiers, omega 3, adaptogenic plants, essential oils can also help. Finally, it is important to treat frequent disturbances of the intestinal flora with re and pro biotics.

Auriculotherapy or ear acupuncture greatly improves chronic stress conditions, sleep disorders and morale. It also regularly reduces muscle pain. Indeed, auriculotherapy is very relaxing for the muscles and reduces pain hormones.

All these medicines are useful and complementary.

They must be combined so that they join forces to finally overcome fibromyalgia.


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