Fight stress and fatigue with magnesium

Back to school, change of season, greater workload than usual or other, always comes a time when you feel more tired or more stressed than usual. But have you thought that it could be due to a magnesium deficiency?

In particular because it preserves nervous and muscular balance, magnesium is an essential element for your health and the proper functioning of the body. Not only must it prevent fatigue and stress, but it plays a role in the transmission of nerve impulses between neurons, muscle relaxation and regulation of heart rate.

One in four women and one in six men are deficient
However, it has been established that one woman out of 4 and 1 man out of 6 was deficient in magnesium (SU.VI. MAX study). Indeed, the body does not make reserves of this mineral: it is therefore necessary to bring it daily through food, otherwise you will experience persistent fatigue, feelings of tension and stress, even insomnia or cramps. Conversely, the rare excesses (most of the time observed during a medicinal intake) can cause intestinal transit problems.

Prioritize food sources

The good daily dose of magnesium would be on average 350 mg. In reality, it all depends on your physical activity, your age and other factors: a pregnant or breastfeeding woman, for example, will need to consume more. The best is to count about 6 mg per kilogram per day.
Although magnesium cures have been very successful in pharmacies, you should not neglect the daily intake of your diet either: if you have the impression of being deficient, know that seafood, seeds (almonds , hazelnuts, cocoa), whole grains, green vegetables, dried vegetables and fruits and bananas can provide you with what you need. Without forgetting certain mineral waters (Hépar, Badoit, Contrex, or Quézac) which contain more than others. And of course chocolate, dark with 70% cocoa.

One to two cures per year

In other words, a balanced diet supplemented from time to time with a portion of pulses and a few squares of dark chocolate should provide you with a sufficient dose of magnesium. Despite everything, a magnesium cure once or twice a year can be beneficial in case of fatigue or temporary stress.

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