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There’s nothing better than getting in shape to take on your daily activities. For this purpose, Ayurveda helps you to have more vitality. This approach consists in restoring the balance between your three elements: your physical, your mental and your emotions. This Ayurvedic medicine obtains the validation of the WHO and is recognized as a treatment that is both traditional and natural.

Ayurveda: what is it?

Translated as science of life, Ayurveda or Ayurvedic medicine seeks a good harmony between body and mind. It aims to correct the internal imbalance of a person, impacting on his mood and on his state of health. It shows that every human being needs mental, physical and emotional health to be fit. To use this holistic approach, an Ayurvedic doctor takes into account man as a whole. Indeed, to treat an ill person, the practice suggests treating the being as a whole, but not only his illness. Therefore, here, the treatment varies according to each sick person. In addition, this approach also combines several branches of the body. It consists of internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, psychology or even rejuvenation.

What is the origin of this Ayurvedic cure?

Of Indian origin,Ayurveda incorporates the oldest traditional medicines on earth. It considers 5 elements that act together to form the three biological humors or Doshas of man. These Doshas consist of Vata or Wind, Pitta or Fire and Kapha or Water. Previously, this medicine was only practiced in India. But colonization and the arrival of the English contributed to its spread in the Western world. However, the West remained reticent about this practice, considering it as a sub-medicine. Today this traditional medicine continues to grow in several Western countries.

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What does this cure treat?

The ayurvedic cure improves your well-being and your health at the same time. As a result, it combines different techniques such as Ayurvedic massage, meditation, yoga or a diet program. It also contains treatments to purify the body and to promote energy points. At the end of these cures, you can expect several positive effects:

  • Regain full energy in your body;
  • Have better sleep;
  • Evacuate your stress and get rid of your state of exhaustion;
  • Release toxic substances in your body;
  • Improve your blood circulation and the flow of energy in your body;
  • Prevent digestive disorders.

As the practice looks at your diet, in many cases Ayurveda helps you to losing weight.

How is it practiced?

As you approach a Ayurvedic practitioner To treat you, this specialist will first carry out an Ayurvedic assessment. It analyzes your body and questions you about your environment, your diet or your way of life. These questions allow him to detect the causes of this imbalance. The balance sheet or your prakriti laid down, it determines which program suits you best. This specialist offers you advice on your lifestyle and your diet by offering a dietary program. To treat you, he can offer medicinal plants, meditation or even gems. He also recommends treatments such as massages or yoga classes.

For the massage, it must only be carried out in a care center and with a professional. It requires the use of medicinal plants and oils. If Ayurveda is suitable for many people, this technique is however prohibited for individuals suffering from cancer of the lymph.


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