Flower essences: all the energy of plants to get through the dreary season

The last months of autumn were, among the Celts, the three months of death, before the revival of the new year symbolized by the eternally green mistletoe. In other words, the period we are living in is particularly hard on our morale. Floral elixirs concentrate the good living energies of certain plants to bring sunshine this season.

Mustard, the elixir of inner light

When we switch to the autumn months, from the September equinox, we are confronted with low morale and gloom, which goes hand in hand with the gray skies and the cold and rainy weather of this season. This can lead to what is called the autumn depression. The elixir of mustard is useful to limit this gloom. It occurs when there is a tendency to black depression without a precise origin, which corresponds well to autumn depression, which is not caused by a particular psychological origin, but by the inversion of the rhythm between day and night. night. This elixir promotes the return of a certain inner joy, whatever the climatic and societal context.

The charm: to regain psychic enthusiasm

Autumn is also the symbol of the return to school after the summer holidays. This notion of back to school can weigh a lot on people who suffer from everyday weariness. In this case, we tend to procrastinate, out of weariness, we say to ourselves “oh, I’ll do it tomorrow”, or “pff it’s still Monday morning, we have to go to work…”. In short, all this exudes the weariness of everyday life, the lack of enthusiasm that pushes us to no longer do daily tasks. But this feeling tends to worsen over the fall. To avoid this lack of enthusiasm, we take the elixir of charm, which promotes the return of enthusiasm, of daily energy, which allows us to easily assume our daily tasks. Strike the iron while it is hot, this would be the motto of this elixir.

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Oak, the elixir of burnout

The lack of enthusiasm can be much more marked in some people, and there lies another form of nervous breakdown, burnout. In this case, it is necessary to take oak elixir, which is well suited for people with a tendency to burn out. But why does someone experience burnout?

Initially, the elixir of oak is for those who, by excess of perseverance, do not give up. This stubbornness eventually wears them out. And this is where the burn out bar can occur. This elixir therefore makes it easier to let go to better spare our mount, which is what we need throughout the fall and as winter approaches.

Preparing for winter by regulating the effects of autumn

Taking these three elixirs, when needed, helps prepare us for the rigors of winter. Poorly prepared, our psyche can suffer from this period, where we are often forced to stay locked up. Also it is useful to make a cure of these elixirs if necessary, so as to suffer less psychically from winter and to be able to take full advantage of the following spring.

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