Food allergies: 4 tips to avoid the headache of end-of-year meals

The holiday season can be a real headache for people with food allergies, due to the variety and complexity of foods served at this time of year. Here are some tips to get out of it.

Allergic reactions to food usually show up in allergy sufferers within minutes. Among the most well-known allergens are:

  • – the peanuts,
  • – nuts,
  • – soy,
  • – Fish,
  • – the shrimp,
  • – wheat
  • – Milk.

More complicated, you may not be particularly allergic to primary foods such as those on this list but you may be allergic to certain food additives: spices and colorings present in elaborate dishes or ready meals. Vigilance on labels and complicated recipes therefore.

Food allergies: Stomach ache, swollen lips, tongue or throat

During the holiday season, the probability of consuming foods with allergic potential increases, because we often eat outside with foods that we do not necessarily consume on a daily basis. Food allergy symptoms vary greatly from person to person, from a stomach ache to swelling of the lips, tongue or throat. Severe symptoms, alone or in combination with milder symptoms, may require emergency treatment.

4 good tips to avoid food allergies.

– If you are going to a meal or an end-of-year party, take with you at least one dish that can be eaten by the allergic person in the event that none of the foods present at the party are suitable for them.

– Pay attention to cross allergies. For example, peanut protein can stay on a cake or work surface for up to 5 hours and then cause a severe reaction in someone allergic to peanuts.

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– People who suffer from food allergies should always carry an allergy medication with them for emergencies. It is also important that those around you know that you are allergic and in possession of an emergency medicine.

– If you are preparing a meal, keep all the original packaging of the prepared food, so that your guests can check each ingredient and monitor any allergic potential.


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