Food for aging well: the 7 golden rules to respect

What should you eat on a daily basis in order to have a good diet to age well? Improve your diet for better health. You are over fifty and you feel concerned? This article will serve as a guide by listing some rules to follow to eat well and live well as a senior.

1- Simplicity is the basis of a good diet to age well

For the body to be fully functional, it needs a diet that is both healthy and balanced. By eating foods rich in fruits and vegetables, a sufficient amount of simple products, your body receives the amount of vitamins, minerals and trace elements it needs.

A healthy and balanced diet has the power to boost your immune system. It also helps your body get rid of waste that can clog it and accelerate its aging by fighting against inflammation and cell oxidation.

2- Say no to processed industrial products to avoid empty calories

Considered to be too fatty, too sweet or salty and too energetic, these products are called empty calories. This name is due to the fact that although they are rich, they bring nothing to the body. This type of diet does not actually provide any essential minerals or vitamins.

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In addition to this, the organs, especially the pancreas, make more effort in digesting them. They tend to tire faster. It is for all these reasons that it is strongly recommended that seniors avoid consuming these types of products. Apply this if you want to have a good diet to age well.

3. Eating well also means finding a protector to age well

Protectors, there are several. Bet, for example, on the antioxidants that are mainly found in fruits and vegetables. These elements have the role of fighting against free radicals. These are the ones that destroy skin cells, hence wrinkles. They also attack in depth at the level of the cells of the organs of the nervous, cardiovascular systems, etc.

So, by eating foods rich in antioxidants, you allow your cells to slow down the natural effects of aging. Fresh and colorful fruits and vegetables are in the spotlight to have a good nutritional balance while aging. Therefore, include parsley, tomato, carrot, beetroot, mango and red fruits in your daily diet.

4. Eat Cretan for the chance to celebrate your centenary

The Cretan diet is a diet of Mediterranean origin. It is more a diet for health than a diet to lose weight. It is essentially characterized by the reduction or even the elimination of vegetable fat in each meal. Healthy and balanced, this type of diet is essentially rich in vegetables and fresh or dried fruit, but also in cereals and fish.

It is very easy to follow a Mediterranean diet. Indeed, it is enough to use olive oil to replace butter or margarine. Also substitute sugar with honey or maple syrup. Reduce your consumption of red meats and prefer them to poultry or rabbit meat. Also replace dairy products from cows with those produced by sheep or goats.

5. Eat Spicy to Live Longer

You have the chance to age well by having a good diet and eating spicy foods. Indeed, spices have the role of reducing the risks of respiratory diseases, coronary diseases and cancers. Spices have protective effects on men’s health by being anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial.

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Do not hesitate to put a little spice in your recipes. Clove, cumin, nutmeg, black pepper, ginger, cinnamon and turmeric are welcome in each of your dishes. In addition to this, spices also help in losing weight, reducing the risk of tumors, but also boosting libido, regardless of your age.

6. Stock up on vitamins for healthy aging

Vitamins B1, B9, B12, C and D form the ideal combo once you’ve passed your 60s. They play an important role in the proper functioning of your body, but also in the prevention of your aging. They act positively for your memory and your morale, your bones and your muscles as well as your heart and your brain.

As of today, prioritize the consumption of foods rich in these vitamins. Veal liver, dietary yeast, guava, fish and green vegetables should be part of your menu. A nice, well-balanced plate is actually the secret to eternal youth.

7. Salt your dishes less to avoid all kinds of health problems

The first principle of a good diet for aging well, in this context, consists in never resalting a dish. Reduce your salt intake by decreasing your daily doses. You can also replace this seasoning with aromatics, spices or herbs.

To better convince you to let go of your love for salt, remember that salt leads to various health problems. Indeed, consumed in excess, this very popular seasoning can cause hypertension, promotes cardiovascular diseases, stimulates the elimination of calcium through the urinary route, etc.

You are now in possession and knowledge of all this information, would you be ready to take up the challenge of having a good healthy and balanced diet? Are you ready to age well because of what you eat?

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