Food supplements for detox

While diet plays an important role in detoxifying the body, there are a few dietary supplements that can help you get rid of toxins faster. Above all, they can strengthen the organs responsible for purifying the body. Wikifit reviews the best dietary supplements for detox.

Who are detox supplements for?

We have already seen how to bring these products through your diet. Only, let’s face it, some of these foods taste awful.

Some will therefore prefer to take them in capsule form so as not to be inconvenienced by their taste. Let’s see the most popular, the most effective.

black radish

milk thistle



The best for the end

All these food supplements are effective, but on one condition: that they are part of a complete, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle minimizing toxic waste for your body. Many people eat very badly, consume too much alcohol and rush to a detox cure to cleanse their body. Know that this approach is wrong, and that any excess, especially over the long term, puts your health at risk.
Save your detox for occasional excesses, such as parties or a gastronomic trip.


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