Foods to eat to lower blood cholesterol levels

There are two types of cholesterol in the body: good cholesterol and bad. A high level of bad cholesterol or hypercholesterolemia can damage your health. This causes different diseases, including cardiovascular diseases. However, in case of excess, you can correct it by following a special hypercholesterolemia diet. Know that one of the causes of this excess is your diet. Therefore, it is enough to make dietary changes to lower this abnormally high cholesterol level.

Good cholesterol and bad cholesterol: what’s the difference?

the cholesterol arrives in the body in two different ways: through food or through the liver which manufactures it. This organ can produce 1 gram of cholesterol daily thanks to the carbohydrates, proteins or fats consumed. This cholesterol will then contribute to the development of synapses or form the cell membranes of the body. However, it is important to distinguish between two types of cholesterol. The good or HDL, and the bad or LDL. HDLs are responsible for harvesting excess cholesterol to transport it to the liver. Thus, it will be transformed, then driven out. LDLs, on the other hand, take cholesterol from the liver and transport it to the cells.

In case of disruption in these LDLs, there is a great risk of obstruction of the arteries. Therefore, to be in better health, it is recommended to increase the level of good cholesterol and reduce the bad. To do this, just follow a special hypercholesterolemia dietand physical activity.

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The special hypercholesterolemia diet, only advantages!

In case of high cholesterol, to correct it, you need to start with a special diet hypercholesterolemia. By adopting this specific diet, you can reap many benefits:

  • Lower your total blood cholesterol level;
  • Promote good cholesterol in the body;
  • Reduce cardiovascular risks;
  • Promote your lipid profile;
  • Facilitate the work of cholesterol-lowering drugs;
  • Maintaining a stable weight, and remedying hypercholesterolemia, thereafter;
  • Adopt a healthy and balanced diet.

What foods are eaten during this diet?

A special high cholesterol diet does not mean eating only raw foods or eliminating fat from your meals for good. Rest assured, you can still enjoy delicious dishes! Indeed, this diet simply pushes you to highlight the cholesterol lowering foods in your dishes. What are these foods?

  • Olive oil, walnuts, rapeseed, almonds, peanut or macadamia or hazelnut or almond butter, non-hydrogenated margarine. They make it possible to obtain monounsaturated fat;
  • Fatty fish such as salmon or trout, a source of omega-3;
  • Foods that are sources of sterols. You can find it in margarine, sauces or seeds;
  • Foods rich in soluble fiber such as psyllium, legumes, mango, grapefruit, apricots or strawberries. ;
  • soy;
  • Foods rich in antioxidants;
  • So-called complex carbohydrates, and which is unrefined, wholemeal breads.

With these foods, you can then adopt the following menu:

  • First, for your breakfast: prefer wholemeal breads with vegetable margarine or cereals and yoghurts;
  • Then, for your main course: highlight fish, vegetables, roast poultry without consuming the skin, plain rice, or even pasta with tomato coulis.
  • For desserts: in general, all fruits are welcome;
  • Finally, for drinks: drink fruit juice or tomato juice. Do not overdo it with wine, one glass per meal is more than enough.
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