Fresh pollen, a remarkable anti-fatigue and anti-stress energizer

Foraged by bees in hundreds of flowers, fresh pollen is particularly rich in micronutrients. An adornment in this autumn season helps the body to fight fatigue, stress and the symptoms of cold snaps. One tablespoon a day at breakfast and the day is assured.

Fatigue, stress: fresh pollen, a remarkable energizer

Pollen, the male reproductive element of flowers, is collected by bees which transport it in the form of “balls” whose color varies according to the flowers visited. These balls are made up of tiny grains of pollen attached to the hind legs of the workers on small “combs”. First, the bee forages hundreds of flowers and thus forms grains of several million grains and weighs 15 to 25 mg! Then, the worker bee brings back two with each flight. In each hive, 15,000 to 30,000 foragers fly every fine day, each performing six to fifteen flights daily…

Preserve the benefits of fresh pollen in the freezer

Harvesting is carried out using a “Pollen Trap” which is simple to operate. Most often it is integrated into the floor of the hive (bottom hatch), but there are hatches placed at the entrance of the hive, which are less effective.

fresh pollen bees imageForaged by bees in hundreds of flowers, fresh pollen is particularly rich in micro-nutrients

The entrance to the hive is obstructed by a grid comprising holes 5 mm in diameter allowing the passage of a single bee per hole at a time. The harvest collected in a drawer can reach 2 to 5 kg of pollen per hive and per year for an estimated efficiency of the traps of the order of 10% of the real total harvest of the hive. (30 to 50 kg per year on average). The pollen will have to undergo cleaning after its harvest to remove impurities: this is the sorting of the collected pollen, most often manual, by the beekeeper. Automatic methods exist in specialized companies.

There are on sale trays of fresh pollen under nitrogen, which must be kept frozen or in the freezer.

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A spring and fall fresh pollen cure

A synergy of natural action exists between pollens and fruits! A cure of fresh pollen lasts 6 weeks to be repeated twice a year, preferably in autumn and spring, but it can be consumed with benefit throughout the year…

Fresh pollen mixes very easily with many foods. The minimum daily dose for an adult is one tablespoon during breakfast. For a child, a teaspoon is enough to maintain an excellent food hygiene.

The presence of fresh pollen improves mixed salads, greens, cold cooked dishes and various culinary preparations including frozen desserts.

Fresh pollen reduces fatigue, stress and stimulates the immune system

Fresh pollen is a natural food supplement rich in micronutrients: essential amino acids, vitamin lactoferments, trace elements, carotenoids and polyphenols. It has many advantages over dried pollen due to the presence of specific lactoferments present in the crop of the bee, which are very beneficial. This content is greatly reduced, or even non-existent, in previously dried pollen. The anti-bacterial activity of the pollen is due to the lactic acid bacteria present in the natural state. The pollens have different compositions depending on the floral origin and reflect all the qualities. Fresh pollen acts on the digestive system, stimulating gastric functions. They reduce fatigue, stress, circulatory problems, stimulate immune defenses

Avoid of course in case of proven allergy to pollens and/or bee products.

Dr. Albert BECKER President of the AFA Francophone Association of Apitherapy

Doctor Albert Becker: dry pollen against digestive disorders

dry pollen against digestive disorders


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