Gain lean muscle


It is possible to build muscle with a moderately low fat percentage, even if it is better not to try to dry during a mass gain to maintain significant muscle anabolism. We talk about “dry muscle gain”, but let’s say that this method will require a lot of time and above all an irreproachable diet plan with the perfect balance in your carbohydrate, fat and protein intake. Indeed, the risk is to burn too many calories and not to consume enough.

How to gain lean muscle?

You will need to train hard and frequently, as well as add cardio to your sessions because you will mainly seek to work on the quality of the muscle fibers and maintain their volume while having a moderately low “bodyfat” rate.
Muscle work will be basic and isometric movement work with loads ranging from light to heavy. It will be interesting to incorporate superset exercises to maximize congestion and muscle volume.
The presence of a partner to help you could become essential to perform additional partial and/or negative repetitions.
Needless to remind you that the movements must be executed perfectly. You will leave on breaks of 90 seconds and the training will have to last at least 75 min.

The contents of the training program to gain lean muscle

PS: do not hesitate to work on your strength and your maxis to see where you are and especially to see if your diet is sufficient.

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