Gas blocked? How to force yourself to fart with Yoga and other tricks

Farting is a natural process and often happens unaided, but sometimes a buildup of gas in the body can cause pain and bloating. In these cases, it may be helpful to use one or more Yoga poses or other techniques to help the body fart. Certain foods or eating too fast can cause gas, but abdominal muscle tension can also be partly to blame. Certain yoga poses and other relaxing positions can help release built-up gas or relieve cramping and bloating caused by this build-up.

Yoga poses to clear gas

Most of these yoga postures, also called asanas, are to be done alone and in a comfortable setting. They can be done anywhere if needed, but relaxation is the key to passing gas, so it is essential that the person feels comfortable in their surroundings.

The following poses can help a person pass gas:

child’s pose

Child’s Pose is a basic yoga pose that can be one of the most helpful when it comes to releasing built-up gas. This position relaxes the hips and lower back, and can help pass gas through the intestines. To strike the pose of the child, begin by getting on all fours. From there, push the buttocks back to sit on the heels. Extend your arms in front of your body, touching the mat. Adjust the knees for more comfort. Let the forehead rest on the floor while the torso rests on the legs. This will create a slight pressure on the abdomen which may encourage farting. Take a deep breath and relax until the gas passes.

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Knee to Chest Pose

The Sanskrit name for the knee-to-chest pose, apanasana, means downward energy pose. A variation of this pose is called the wind pose. Start by lying on your back and bring your legs up, bending your knees to form a 90 degree angle. Keeping the knees and ankles together, grasp the front of each knee or the top of the thigh and bring the thighs close to the chest. While doing this, tuck your chin into your chest or try to hug your knees.
By holding this position for 15 seconds to 1 minute, you can exert pressure on the abdomen to help the body release a fart.

Happy baby pose

Named so because of the way babies often grasp their feet when lying on their backs, Happy Baby Pose can help relieve stress in the lower back and groin, releasing persistent intestinal gas. .

Lying on your back, raise your knees to the sides of your body. Keeping your knees bent, point the soles of your feet toward the ceiling. If possible, grab the feet with the hands, letting the back relax on the floor. Pull the feet down slightly with the hands to create tension.

This position can be held for up to 1 minute, and the tension and pressure can help push gas out. If it is not possible to reach the feet with the hands, using a towel, rope, or strap around the feet can help hold the pose.

In addition to these positions, rubbing the abdomen clockwise can help get rid of trapped gas and reduce cramping and bloating.

Carbonated drinks such as sparkling water can help release built-up gas

Certain foods and drinks can also help you pass gas. Although they might not be a good idea if you already suffer from excessive bloating and pain,.. but they can still help pass gas more easily.

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Foods and drinks that can help a person fart include the following:

– soft drinks and sparkling mineral waters
– chewing gum
– dairy products
– fatty or fried foods
– fruits rich in fiber
– certain artificial sweeteners, such as sorbitol and xylitol.

Reduce the need to fart

Farts are the body’s way of releasing swallowed air and other trapped gases. The positions listed above can help relieve gas temporarily, but many people are also looking for ways to reduce the urge to fart. Although it’s impossible to make farting completely go away, there are ways to reduce the number of times you have to pass gas each day. Many foods increase the amount of gas that results from the digestion of food. Beans are a well-known culprit, but these pulses contain many nutrients and should therefore be included in a healthy diet.

Soaking beans before cooking can help reduce flatulence, while others will want to limit the amount of beans they eat.

Reducing the intake of other foods that cause gas can also help. These include foods high in sulfur or certain fermentable carbohydrates and fiber, such as:

– cauliflower
– the cabbage
– broccoli
– kale
– Brussels sprouts
– artichokes
– asparagus
– apples
– pears
– peaches
– beer
– fizzy drinks

Dairy products, including cheese and ice cream, can also cause gas, especially in people with lactose sensitivity.

Another important tip is to chew all foods slowly and with your mouth closed. Much of the trapped gas is swallowed air, which is more likely to happen if a person eats quickly or with their mouth open.

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How to hold back a fart?

While it’s not always best to hold back from farting, it is sometimes necessary. Whether in a crowded room or on a first date, there are many reasons to hold back potentially embarrassing gas until it can be released discreetly. Tightening the anus can help in the short term, and changing positions until gas moves through the body can also help.

The best solution is to take a moment to clear the gases in a bathroom or away from other people. This will prevent gas from building up and causing unpleasant bloating or pain.


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