Gemmotherapy: the secrets of buds for health

Gemmotherapy was discovered by Pol Henry during the twentieth century under the name of “phytoembryotherapy” then renamed by the homeopath Max Tétau. It is a therapy by plants (phytotherapy) which is based on plant embryonic tissues, there are two main schools of use:

  • The “macerate”: These fabrics are macerated in a mixture of water, alcohol and glycerine which are used to extract and concentrate the active ingredients in the solution, the maceration must last at least 21 days before being consumed, the dosage indicates to take it with a little water.
  • The “dilution”: This preparation does not contain water unlike the macerate, this formula recommends a prior dilution.
  • These concoctions derive their benefits from the food richness of the buds, in fact, the embryonic cells are in the phase of intense cell multiplication. They contain more nucleic acids than other tissues, but also more trace elements, hormones, enzymes and minerals, which is what allows plants to grow and grow quickly.

    Each preparation provides different effects, among the benefits observed we find:

    • Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease
    • Effective anti-inflammatory effect against arthritis
    • Immunity Boost
    • Toning and boosting
    • Body detoxification
    • Improved biological cycles (sleep etc.)

    Even if there are no in-depth university studies on the subject, gemmotherapy has convinced several users by its practical results, the importance of a therapy lies in its purpose (in the possible safety measures) and not in its scientific support.


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