Gestational diabetes: is it necessary to deprive yourself of sweet foods?

A person with diabetes must follow a strict diet, and especially pay attention to foods that promote blood sugar. However, this restriction is even more important in the case of gestational diabetes. It is a disease caused by different factors such as genetics, your lifestyle, even your diet. It causes serious complications for both the mother and her child. However, to avoid its aggravation or to remedy it, you just need to follow a diet adapted to this type of diabetes.

The risks of gestational diabetes

During their pregnancy, women undergo several changes in her body. These changes may cause hormonal disorders or even impaired glucose regulation. This explains why some of them suffer from gestational diabetes. Moreover, the latter can cause many health problems if left untreated, such as:

  • The possibility of suffering from high blood pressure for the mother;
  • A high probability of having a miscarriage, or of having difficulty breathing;
  • A lack of oxygen for the baby, thus causing fetal distress;
  • Weight gain in the baby, which often makes childbirth difficult.

Because of this diabetes, the infant may even have convulsions as well as hypoglycemia. So, to avoid these complications and receive the appropriate therapy, you have to get closer to a specialist. However, a change in your diet is also in order.

How to follow this specific diet?

Doctors often recommend follow-up specific diet in case of gestational diabetes. This practice therefore aims to adopt a healthy and balanced diet without starving. What rules should you follow in this food practice?

  • In case of gestational diabetes, there is no question of depriving oneself of fruit. You should also not stop consuming foods containing sugar such as starches. Just remember to avoid those that quickly boost your blood sugar like ripe bananas or watermelon. You therefore have the possibility of consuming the other fruits. However, try not to overdo fruits such as persimmon or mango;
  • Always eat vegetables. Moreover, during your meals, it is better that their quantity is greater than that of starchy foods;
  • Replace honey or white sugar with sweeteners containing a low GI such as coconut sugar or fructose. You can easily find it in organic stores;
  • During pregnancy, respect the 3 daily meals, do not skip any!
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A special diet to treat this chronic disease

By making a dietary change for your Gestational Diabetesyou must highlight the following foods in your meals:

  • Favor sources of protein such as fish or white meats;
  • Consume a serving of low GI starchy foods with your meal. For example, you can eat wholemeal bread, lentils, integral pasta or even dried beans;
  • Eat vegetables frequently. Simply avoid those that promote blood sugar such as cooked carrots and turnips, or squash;
  • Eat sugar-free dairy with each of your meals. To put a little aroma, do not hesitate to add cinnamon;
  • Do not overdo it with butter, 10 grams each morning is more than enough.

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