Getting through hardships more easily: 20 tips to enrich and cultivate resilience

Resilience is what helps us to get up and continue the journey despite the difficulties, all the difficulties. Some of us are born tougher than others it seems, but everyone can improve.

Resilience: variable from one person to another but always improvable

We are all strong in different ways. Some of us keep a cool head through any hardship in life. Others know how to listen. Some of us are good at having a positive attitude in the face of a negative situation. Others know how to speak up and raise their voices when something is wrong. Some of us know when to let things go. All of our strengths make us resilient and help us cope with the stresses we experience. The more resilient among us seem to have more of what is called strength, but that’s not exactly it… The good news is that anyone can increase their resilience by choosing and practicing the actions, behaviors and attitudes that make you “strong”.

Here are 20 suggestions to enrich your resilience:

You do not know where to start ? Ask yourself, what are your strengths already? What aspects of your own resilience would you like to see grow?

1 For small inconveniences, ask yourself the following question: will it matter in five years? If it won’t matter five years from now, maybe it’s not worth disturbing your peace today.

2 Don’t give anyone the power to lower your self-esteem. Believe in those who believe in you. See yourself through the eyes of those who accept and love you unconditionally.

3 Spend quality time with someone who inspires you at least once a week.

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4 Do volunteer work. Research shows that volunteering is associated with better physical and emotional health and even greater longevity.

5 Think about the purpose of your life. Live your days around that goal.

6 Accept your vulnerability. Be authentic. Accept that it’s okay to feel sad from time to time.

7 Recognize that most people fight as best they can in life. Keep a low threshold when it comes to offering your forgiveness.

8 Be kind, especially to yourself. Kindness is a marker of strength, not weakness.

9 Lower your threshold to feel grateful. Be grateful for a deep breath, the smell of coffee, the smile of a loved one, or the taste of water.

10 Work creatively with what is, instead of fighting the uncontrollable.

11 Make a to-do list to keep your days light, lively and humming.

12 Feel connected to nature. Spend time noticing trees, birds, clouds, lakes and rivers

13 Join or start a group that focuses on a cause you care about.

14 Read good books. Watch inspiring films.

15 Sleep at least 7 to 8 hours each night. Being awake is human, sleeping is divine!

16 Practice deep breathing, heart coherence, or other forms of meditation most days. Aim for at least 15 minutes a day.

17 Avoid sitting too long.

18 Optimize the dose of news you consume each day. For any title that makes you anxious, read something that inspires you or contributes to your well-being.

19 Get up from the dining table a little hungry.

20 Nurture your spirituality and take the time to integrate it into your life.

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