Ginger was best known for its reputation as an aphrodisiac, but this root also turns out to be a serious asset for stimulating the immune system. And the little extra: you can season everything with…

In India, the virtues of the ginger rhizome have been known for centuries: its benefits are praised against colds, nausea, and even against migraine thanks to an effect similar to aspirin. But in recent years, studies conducted in particular in Minnesota show that ginger would be effective against the development of cancer. This thanks to an antioxidant from the polyphenol family, gingerol.

The researchers were able to observe, thanks to mice inoculated with human colorectal cancer, that gingerol slowed down the development of cancerous cells. Other studies conducted at the University of Michigan showed that a ginger solution poured over a culture of ovarian cancer cells killed them by self-digestion and self-destruction.

Regular consumption of ginger would therefore be beneficial in the fight against cancer, preventively or if the disease is declared, to delay its effects. Note, however, that it is better to consume it in its fresh form, because when it is dried, its concentration of gingerol weakens. It also becomes more caloric (60 calories against 322 calories per 100g once dried), but with the doses used in cooking, that doesn’t have too many consequences!

It is easy to season both meat and fish with it, but also to flavor desserts or even drinks thanks to its lemony and sweet flavor. It is found a lot in Asian cooking recipes, because it has been used on this continent as a condiment for millennia: in sushi or sashimi, or to season soups for example. In China or Japan, it is sometimes even crunched between two dishes to cleanse the palate. Don’t hesitate to incorporate it into your recipes: a chicken curry can easily be spiced up with ginger, as can a pineapple cake!

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