Go seaweed!

While seaweed may seem unsavory at first glance, it is no less good for your health. Discover the benefits of these sea vegetables which have the good idea to become fashionable on your plates.

Rich in mineral salts, trace elements, vitamins, fibers and proteins, in other words, seaweed has the good points. Whether eaten in salads or soups, boiled, steamed or fried, these components give them antibacterial, anticoagulant, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties.

With regard to cancer, Japanese studies carried out in vitro have shown that the contact of certain algae with cancerous cells of the colon or of the breast reduces the viability of the latter. And in addition to their benefits in food, studies conducted by researchers at the University of La Rochelle show that the use of certain micro-algae in photo-chemotherapy could help destroy tumors without damaging healthy cells.

Dulse, Kombu, wakame, nori,

the choice is there

Appreciated in the Asian diet for centuries, seaweed is beginning to spread in the West. Present most often in the form of additives (gelling agent, etc.) or food supplements (for spirulina above all), sea vegetables are beginning to invest the plates in a more direct way. In France, barely more than a dozen of them are authorized for consumption, including nori, wakame, dulse, or kombu. Brown, red or green, all are considered organic, as they are strictly controlled before they are put on sale due to marine pollution.

Some easy recipes to start

If you decide to use seaweed, know that it is easy to include them in a soup, or in the cooking of pasta, rice, or vegetables. They will give flavor to these foods while bringing them their benefits. You can also try your hand at a marine quiche (seaweed and salmon), the preparation of sushi, or seaweed sauerkraut.

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And if you lack inspiration, discover the site, creative and tasty recipes that will allow you to introduce seaweed to your menus.

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