Happiness is health: 14 ideas to be happy

One of the benefits of being happy is that happiness, whether you equate it with optimism, joy, well-being, personal fulfillment, or all of these, is always associated with habits. healthy. When in a happy mood, people tend to eat better, exercise more often, and sleep better. This could be partly because having a healthy life helps you achieve your goals, which makes you happy.

Happy? You will be healthy

It could also be that good habits lead to better health, which in turn leads to a better mood and a happier one. Positive thoughts and attitudes can cause changes in your body that strengthen your immune system, stimulate positive emotions, reduce pain and chronic disease, and relieve stress. It’s even been scientifically proven that happiness can alter your genes!

A team of UCLA researchers demonstrated that people with a deep sense of happiness and well-being had lower inflammatory gene expression and stronger antiviral and immune responses. This phenomenon is in the field of epigenetics, a new science that postulates that you change the way your genes work by turning them off and on again.

By following some of the following tips, you should already notice a difference in your feeling of happiness as well as a marked improvement in your physical health.

14 ways to be happier

In many ways, happiness is a choice, and you can create it by following a certain routine. In fact, happy people seem to have common habits that differentiate them from sad and stressed people.

1) Make happiness your goal

Genetics are thought to be responsible for around 50% of your “innate” happiness, and life circumstances for 10%. The rest is up to you and the first step to taking advantage of it is to make the choice and convince yourself that you can be happy.

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Research shows, for example, that by asking people to try to feel happier by listening to music, they succeed (unlike people who were simply asked to relax). The difference comes from the desire to be happier.

2) Identify what makes you happy

If it’s been a long time since you’ve felt truly happy (that happy carefree state you probably experienced as a child), you may have forgotten how to achieve it. Take the time to think about what brings you happiness (not just the “obvious” things, like your family, but also the small pleasures, your hobbies and interests).

3) Make happiness a priority

When you have a free hour, do you spend it doing something fun? Or do you take the opportunity to catch up on chores, tackle a new professional project, or work in one way or another? This last option is the sign of a “form of minor insanity”. And it certainly won’t help you be happier. To escape this trap, organize your weeks around events (or ordinary activities) that really make you happy and energize you.

4) Savor the good times

No matter what the rest of the day throws at them, people who take the time to savor the good times show a higher degree of happiness. If you haven’t already, keeping a daily diary of the good times and recording whether you really savored them can help.

You might be surprised at how much happiness you can get from your daily life. Try enjoying the aroma of your coffee, the comfort of your cozy bed, or enjoying the sunrise before starting your day.

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5) Don’t waste your time

The days are only 24 hours, be careful not to get distracted and waste your time on unnecessary and unproductive distractions. This includes texting, tweeting, and emailing, which take you away from the real pleasures of life. If necessary, disconnect all social networks. Research suggests that the more time people spend on Facebook, the fewer happy moments they experience, and the more dissatisfied they are with life.

6) Think positive thoughts

Just thinking about a happy event and smiling about it can make you happier and more upbeat (much more than a fake smile). A candid smile engages the muscles around your eyes, and can actually cause changes in your brain that are associated with a boost in morale.

7) Spend your money on experiences rather than “hardware”

Experiences make us happier than possessions; the interest of a new material good disappears, as does the joy it brings you, as the experiences improve your vitality, your feeling of “being alive”, both during the experience and when you think about it more late.

8) Be playful with your significant other

If the relationship with your significant other has turned into a “business relationship” so to speak, it’s time to cheer yourself up a bit and relearn how to have fun. It may be enough to send your partner a playful little text, to prepare a new recipe together or to share a romantic bubble bath.

9) Have a backup plan for bad days

Have a back-up plan to lift your spirits on bad days when your spirits are plummeting. Calling a close friend, watching a comedy, or going for a run, you know best what suits you best.

10) Find your source of motivation

Happiness is not just a matter of pleasure. To be happy, you also need to have a source of motivation. The term “eudaemonic well-being” comes from Aristotle, and describes the form of happiness that comes from activities that motivate you, give you purpose, or personal fulfillment. This can be your career, but you can also find it by volunteering, or even taking a cooking class.

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11) Make connections, including with strangers

Having real social relationships is important for being happy, but even people who practice social snacking seem to be happier. Social snacking describes the contact, however brief, you have with others on a daily basis, including strangers. In general, the more you mingle and chat with the people around you, the more likely you are to be in a happy mood.

12) Escape

It is important to escape from the daily grind to recharge your batteries. Although a weekend getaway can already give you a boost of energy, a slightly longer trip will allow you to create more memories. You can tap into those memories later that will boost your happiness. Experts recommend ideally to leave for two weeks, without necessarily going far from home.

13) Do good deeds

When people make it a point to do three to five good deeds a week, something magical happens… They’re happier. Simple acts of kindness, a compliment, letting someone walk past you at checkout, etc., are contagious and help everyone involved feel good.

14) Plan your day off

Plan your free day of the week in advance, to get the most out of it. Experts suggest including exercises, escapades and meetings, for a successful day. This means trying to be physically active, doing something that allows you to escape and relax, and sharing activity with people whose company you enjoy.


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