Having good health with biokinenergy, is it possible?

The word “biokinenergy” essentially defines three words: life (bio), movement (kine) and energy (ergie). It is a new massage formula without laying needles or handling. Overall, it particularly rebalances the energy body and the physical body. Following various imbalances, it restores all the defensive capacities of the organism and profitably improves the psychic state. Biokinenergie detects and treats all frequently unexplainable pain. It ensures the renewal of energy, physical and mental balance. Indeed, the stimulation of the acupuncture points naturally relaxes the muscles, releases the bone and the nerve impulses. This theory ensures normalized blood circulation and an excellent heartbeat.

Biokinenergy and history

Biokinenergy works and improves the entire metabolism, while promoting health, relaxation and well-being. It allows the patient to regain all your energy and relax. It is a method of therapeutic care of French origin. Discovered more than 30 years ago by Michel LIDOREAU (physiotherapist), biokinenergie evokes a gentle therapy. Indeed, practitioners only apply very light pressure.

Biokinenergy: Countless Therapeutic Benefits

The biokinenergy brings together in itself all the benefits of Chinese medicine, physiotherapy and osteopathy. This kind of gentle massage supports, protects and helps the body to self-regulate in depth. It regulates mild chronic pathologies such as insomnia, heavy legs and digestive disorders. Its properties act on musculoskeletal disorders and psychic difficulties (spasmophilia, stress, sleep disorder, anxiety or depression).

An approach of natural care, biokinenergy balances ENT, hormonal, visceral, vascular, gynecological and urinary disorders. It treats circulatory problems, migraines, joint problems and venous disorders. Its use is also indicated in case of back pain, headaches, fatigue or painful menstruation. In infants, it treats chronic bronchitis, ear infections, regurgitation and bronchiolitis.

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Session and practice: how does it go?

Biokinenergie is done gently and is intended for all individuals (babies, children, adolescents, adults or the elderly). It is carried out by rotations and pressures of the hand on points of tension called “tissue windings”. The practice focuses on tissue tension points or wrap points. During a session, the patient remains lying down and the specialist tries to discover acupuncture points. It then tries to unblock any dysfunctional issues to allow the body to quickly find its balance. Body and mind can really recharge, as a session lasts between 40 minutes and 1 hour. To enjoy a total cure, you need three or four sessions. Before starting the first session, the doctor must make a medical diagnosis. This allows you to know your state of health, to facilitate the location of functional imbalances and dysfunctions.


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