Healthy weight: 7 tips to remove all the obstacles to a healthy diet

Don’t like to cook? Can’t resist junk food? Here are 7 practical strategies to overcome your biggest healthy eating challenges.

Life does not follow a perfectly regular course. You will inevitably encounter obstacles on the way to healthy eating. It’s how you respond that makes the difference. For long-term success, you’ll need to have strategies in place to address issues as they arise. The first step is to identify and define potential roadblocks and brainstorm solutions. Identify the roadblocks most likely to stand in your way and plan ahead how you will meet those challenges.

1st dam: “I don’t have time to prepare healthy meals. »

New Approach If you use smart cooking strategies, creating a healthy meal doesn’t have to take too long. Planning ahead is a great way to save time.

For example, shop for several meals at once, or prepare food over the weekend and then freeze meal-sized portions to reheat during the week. You can also keep it simple with a fresh salad and low-calorie dressing, a wholemeal roll and fruit, or a healthy sandwich, soup, or appetizer from a grocery store or deli.

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2nd dam: “I don’t like fruits and vegetables”.

Healthy Solution: You don’t have to like all fresh fruits and vegetables. Just find one that you like. Experiment by tasting products you’ve never eaten before. Add fruits or vegetables to your favorite recipes, or replace meat with vegetables when possible. Experiment with new ways to prepare produce, such as grilling pineapples or lightly cooking vegetables if you don’t like them raw.

3rd dam: “I don’t like to cook”.

Healthy Solution: Don’t fancy becoming a gourmet chef? No problem. Many cookbooks offer recipes for healthy meals that are quick and easy to make. You can also use creative shortcuts that don’t require a lot of cooking, like pre-packaged vegetables and lean meats. Also, remember that cooking is a skill: The more you practice it, the better you will get.

4th Dam: “My family doesn’t like to try new things, and it’s too much work to make two different meals. »

Healthy Solution: You’re right, you don’t want to fall into the trap of making “good” food for the family and “diet food” for yourself. Instead, ask your family for advice, and help, about healthy foods they’d like to try, which may make them more willing to experiment.

Take it easy, and make a few small changes each week. You may be able to make certain dishes healthier and tastier, but your family won’t even notice. If you have a favorite dish that you don’t want to give up, prepare it with a different cooking method, such as baking rather than frying.

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5th barrage: “I can’t resist junk food!” »

Healthy Solution: As you craft your healthy eating plan, ask yourself how you can fit an occasional treat into it without derailing your weight loss efforts. If you give up all your favorite foods, you will feel deprived, which decreases your chances of successfully managing your weight. Give yourself permission to eat it occasionally and in moderation. Find a happy medium for high-calorie foods. Could you take the children for ice cream once a week or buy a small packet of crisps? It’s better than buying a liter of ice cream for your freezer, where it causes constant temptation.

You can also try healthier versions of your favorite snacks, nuts, hazelnuts and tree nuts are great for all day snacking and good for your health. Also, eat healthy foods before you feast. This can help you eat less of your favorite treats.

6th roadblock: “I don’t eat breakfast because I’m not hungry in the morning. »

Healthy Solution: Research shows that eating breakfast helps people better manage their weight, in part because it keeps them from feeling hungry and overeating later in the day. So even if you’re not hungry, try to eat a little something in the morning. Start small by planning to eat breakfast twice a week, then strive to eat breakfast every day. Keep foods on hand that you can take with you on busy days, such as apples, bananas, whole grains, and low-fat yogurt in single-serving containers.

7th Dam: “Keeping a food log, measuring food, keeping track of it and calculating calories is too much work.”

Healthy Detours: Losing weight takes time and effort. This will gradually decrease as you get used to knowing what the portions should look like and how many calories you should consume each day. But first, keeping detailed records will help you achieve your main goal: achieving a healthy weight. Make it easy for yourself by keeping your food diary and serving chart handy and recording your entries after each meal rather than at the end of the day.

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