Heat wave: eat water while making homemade ice cream

My recipes are all nutritionally interesting, they are low calorie, seasonal, inexpensive, EASY and QUICK. They are for anyone who wants to eat healthy but has little time to cook. Perfect for a weeknight on the way home from work. They are entirely prepared in a private kitchen photographed by me, without special effects. If I can do it, why can’t you!

Cherry, Melon and Nectarine Popsicle, 5 fruits and vegetables a day is easy!
Cherries in the spotlight:

Help it’s hot, it’s heat wave ! Quickly a moisturizing refreshment, rich in vitamins and without preservatives, economical and low in calories!

During the workshops that I lead, I am faced with the dismay of some parents who try in vain to convince their children to eat fruit. Do not panic here is the solution, an ice cream recipe UNIQUELY fruit, no added sugar!
If you can, prepare the recipe with your children, you will see, they will appreciate their snack all the more because it will be THEIR masterpiece. And who knows after a summer of fruit ice cream maybe they will be conquered! This recipe is infinitely adaptable, compatible with ALL fruits, according to your desires. It’s a healthy and inexpensive snack! All qualities.

I chose today to put the cherry in the spotlight, or rather the cherries because there are more than 600 varieties ranging from very sweet to sour. The most consumed in France are bigarreaux, of which we know among others the burlat or the summit? It is a drupe (fleshy stone fruit), spherical in shape, generally more or less dark red in color to black, sometimes yellow.
It is a fruit rich in sugar (on average 11;6g./100g. even sometimes 14g./100g.!) and rather low in fiber (1.7g./100g.) which makes it a quite energetic fruit56 kcal/100g..
You wonder why I put this fruit in the spotlight? Because it’s delicious and full of polyphenols (186.48g of flavonoids and 87.8 mg. of phenolic acid per 100g.). These substances have very important antioxidant properties, to fight against the formation of excess free radicals in the body (substances that will promote cell aging). So they protect us many diseases.
In addition they are an interesting source of beta carotene 38µg./100g. which is transformed into vitamin 1 in the enterocyte and notably plays a role in vision and more specifically in the ability of the eye to adapt to darkness.

Ingredients for ice cream sticks:
preparation time 10 minutes + 12 hours in the freezer
In order to vary the taste and visual pleasures as well as the nutritional benefits, I advise you to make sticks containing
3 different fruits. I offer you a variant incorporating a natural yogurt for children who are really resistant to fruit. In order to bring you only the best, there is no added sugar (fruits are naturally sweet) or gelling agent.

Thing : if you do not have an ice cream stick, keep jars of small Swiss and add a wooden stick (you can find them in supermarkets or on the internet)

300g. cherries (350g. with stones)
300g. nectarine (350g. with seed)
½ melon
150ml water

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Optional 2 natural stirred yogurts.

Wash fruit. Pit the nectarines and the cherries, Deseed and peel the ½ melon. Cut them into small pieces and place them each in a different container. Add 50ml. Water with each preparation.

Blend each fruit using a mixer or blender.

Pour a bottom of 2cm of cherry in each stick, then 2cm. melon and finish with the nectarines (for the red yellow red visual effect). Be careful not to stir because the colors mix, which is not serious.
Keep at least 12 hours in the freezer and consume as you wish! Remember to make room in the freezer beforehand so as not to move your preparations too much.

Plain yogurt variant : distribute the yoghurts to your preparations and for the rest the recipe is the same. If you have a little left, enjoy it as a compote.

Ideas to spice up the taste (be careful, children may not like it): add 2 mint or basil leaves to your fruit before blending.



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