Hemorrhoid care with the homeopathic strain Aloe

Particularly native to South Africa, more precisely in the town of Cape Town, Aloe designates a very healing succulent plant. Particularly endowed with more or less short, perennial and robust trunks, this plant is full of virtuous gels. All around, these trunks are adorned with small thorns. When it blooms, it reveals beautiful red flowers which are particularly in the form of a floral stem. Homeopathic Aloe strains in globular or granular doses consist of lactose and sucrose. It is a homeopathic remedy of plant origin that the ancients traditionally use for burning hemorrhoids and diarrhea. The mother tincture is prepared from the dehydrated concentrated juice (extracted from the leaves).

Therapeutic indications of aloe

Very virtuous for the health of the body, Aloe constitutes itself as an efficient homeopathic product in case ofhemorrhoid. Indeed, it effectively helps patients suffering from hemorrhoids, especially those who have stinging pain with oozing. Homeopaths use it to settle all intestinal and digestive discomfort : gastroesophageal reflux, bloating, constipation and diarrhea. Prescribed especially in situation of mucous stools, chronic colitis with a lot of flatulence and tendency to incontinence. It treats dysentery, enterocolitis and other stomach aches. More particularly, all these discomforts appear immediately after drinking or eating, as well as upon waking.

I’Aloe can also solve other problems: venous congestion, headache of big eaters, frontal headaches, lumbago, burning in the rectum. It treats in particular the very painful hemorrhoids in bunches of grapes improved by the cold sitz bath. This remedy has no contraindication for pregnant and breastfeeding women. So homeopaths can totally recommend it during pregnancy.

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Directions for intake and dosage

For treat hemorrhoid, take a cold bath with Aloe, then take a slow walk. After this approach, you will surely feel a real relief. All kinds of stimulating foods should also be avoided. Indeed, you must avoid peppers, spices, coffee, tea and mint.

The ideal and safe dosages:

  • Take 5 pellets, 3 times a day: morning, noon, evening,
  • 5 or 7 CH in low dilution.

For relieve hemorrhoidal attacks or enterocolitis outbreak, this medication is taken in 5 or 7 CH. Taking should take turns at a frequency of three times a day: morning, noon and evening. To truly heal hemorrhoids in depth, use 5 CH, 5 pellets, four times a day. To resolve small anal incontinence or sphincter insecurity, take 9 CH, 5 granules, once a day. In general, the treatment lasts only one week (to be taken without meals, mint, tobacco, and coffee). For infants, the granules and globule doses should be dissolved in water.


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