Herbal teas: a natural remedy for bloating

The feeling of bloating is not only uncomfortable, but also very embarrassing. The “farts” or “flatulence” cannot and should not be retained. Bloating generally reflects the presence of a digestive disorder.

What are the symptoms and consequences of bloating?

The causes of bloating can be very varied. More common in women, bloating is often directly linked to lifestyle.

  • A bad nutrition causes an unbearable feeling of bloating. The body has trouble assimilating all the products that will end up irritating the digestive system;
  • The aerophagia process is also responsible for this discomfort. We speak of aerophagia when the person swallows a little too much air and the stomach has to work empty;
  • Excessive sport can also disturb the digestive system and cause bloating that is difficult to control. Exertion causes the gastric mucosa to dry up too quickly;
  • And finally, stress and anxiety also affect the stomach. The intestines contract and aerophagia takes place.

The main consequences of bloating are the feeling of discomfort and the embarrassment it can cause you in society. The abdomen is swollen, the intestines are contracted, spasms and twists begin. The person will need to evacuate quickly by expelling gas or belching.

What herbal teas are effective against bloating?

It is possible to heal and naturally prevent bloating. Here are some recipes.

Star anise herbal tea

Star anise or star anise is excellent for stopping feelings of bloating. This plant is not only carminative, but also stomachic.

To prepare your herbal tea, you will need a few stars of star anise, which you will let infuse for 10 minutes. Then you just have to filter and you can drink your herbal tea. It is advisable to drink a cup of herbal tea after each meal to avoid bloating.

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Take the time to verify that it is indeed a chinese star anise. Star anise is poisonous.

Angelic herbal tea

Angelica is known to calm intestinal spasms, and thus bloating. We also talk about angel grass. The assets of an angelica are housed mainly in its root: it is endowed with antioxidants and coumarins.

To prepare a angelica herbal tea, you will need some angelica roots, and some finely chopped ginger. You let the whole infuse in boiled water for 10 minutes. The herbal tea is to be consumed after each meal, for a period of 15 days.

Angelica is not recommended for pregnant women.

Laurel herbal tea

Bay leaves are often used in cooking to enhance flavors. But you should know that this plant also has many medicinal properties. Among others, bay leaves also help eliminate gas and prevent bloating.

Boil some bay leaves for 5 minutes. You let it infuse for another 10 minutes, you strain and you can drink the herbal tea. To facilitate digestion, the herbal tea is tasted after the meal.

Peppermint and angelica herbal tea

This mixture will also quickly warm up the body and cause the muscles to relax.

You will need a few peppermint leaves, with some angelica leaves. It can be dried or fresh leaves. You let them infuse for 15 minutes and you can drink your herbal tea.

Limit yourself to peppermint if you are pregnant.


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