HIIT: which dietary supplements?

As effective as high-intensity interval training is, a few dietary supplements, as part of an adapted diet, can help you achieve your goals.

The whey

A shaker, the time to wait for your next full meal, will be interesting if you are in a hurry.



The latter is the first source of energy during brief training and short durations because it allows the regeneration of ATP. It is also for this reason that creatine is an essential supplement in all mass gain programs. As a HIIT practitioner, you have every interest in consuming this supplement, and all the more so if you are a vegetarian, because creatine is mainly found in red meat!


Unlike many dietary supplements that do not cause immediate effects, beta-alanine causes mild tingling in the extremities upper and lower limbs. This is a good indicator to know if you are sensitive to it. This sensation is of course dose dependent. This means that this feeling allows you to adjust the dose you consume.



If your dietary intake is too low, supplementation with some of these minerals may be necessary.


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