Homeopathic indications of Mercurius solubilis.

Homeopathic remedies are made from active substances from the plant and animal kingdom. They can also come from minerals, chemical elements, or by synthesis. Grinding then waits for the active substances taken. Substances that will be macerated in an alcohol-based solvent to obtain the mother tincture. It is the latter that is used for the preparation of homeopathic remedies.

Mercurius solubilis is a mixture of mercurous nitrate and mercury. The mixture results in a grayish and acrid powder. It contains 85% mercury. It is a strain developed by Hahnemann. Hence its other name “Hahnemann’s soluble mercury”.

The remedy can come in different forms. Like triturations, drops, doses or granules.

Conditions of use of this homeopathic remedy

The therapeutic indications of Mercurius solubilis are very numerous. To quote in case of cold, angina, mumps and purulent conjunctivitis. There are also nasopharyngitis with purulent, irritating and burning secretions. This remedy treats bronchial affections of infectious or allergic origin presenting with purulent sputum.

It is useful for ripening gum abscess and for treat inflamed gums. Infected skin conditions are also treatable with this remedy. These can be manifested by eczema, abscesses, superficial ulcerations and itching.

Mercurius solubilis can also treat behavioral disorders with character instabilities. Even school difficulties in restless children can be solved with it. Other problems that this remedy can solve are:

  • Urinary tract infection: manifested by anal pain, difficult urination, dark urine and burning sensations.
  • Gynecological disorders: manifested by itching and whitish discharge.
  • Tremors of extremities intensifying with emotions and fatigue.
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How to use Mercurius solubilis correctly in homeopathy?

It is a remedy that is taken apart from tobacco, coffee, meals and mint. The granule forms and the doses are left to melt in the mouth.

Angina Treatment : Take 5 granules of 9 CH every 2 hours for 4 days. The intake should be spaced out when the symptoms improve.

Treatment of nasopharyngitis, bronchial disorders, conjunctivitis : Take 5 granules of 15 CH 4 times a day for one week.

Treatment of acute diarrhea : Take 5 pellets of 15 CH 4 to 8 times a day for 3 days.

For treat oral ailments, take 5 pellets of 9 CH. It is taken in the morning and in the evening for 1 month. Abscesses are treated with 5 granules of 5 CH to be taken morning, noon and evening for 48 hours.

The duration of treatment of urinary tract infections is one week. It takes 5 pellets of 9 CH to be taken every hour. The intake must then be spaced out gradually according to the improvement of the symptoms.

5 granules of 9 CH to be taken morning, noon and evening for 1 month heal the gynecological infections. The tremors of the extremities are healed by 5 granules of 30 CH every evening for 1 month. Then one dose of the same dilution per week for the following 2 months.


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