Homeopathic remedy: all about Ignatia amara

From the bean of Saint-Ignatius, we obtain the homeopathic strain Ignatia amara. These beans are the seeds of a climbing shrub that grows mainly in the Philippines and is part of the botanical family Loganiaceae.

In natural medicine, and especially in homeopathy, these seeds are very appreciated for their therapeutic virtues. Note that the main responsible for said virtues are bioactive agents such as brucine and strychnine.

What are the therapeutic indications of this remedy?

Ignatia amara is effective in the treatment of behavioral disorders. Generally, these disturbances affect patients who are hypersensitive, emotional and introverted and who tend to internalize their feelings. Thus, independently of their will, some external signs appear and lead to these behavioral problems. The main events are:

  • Mood swings
  • Signs of nervousness: stage fright, anguish and anxiety
  • Insomnia and sleep disorders
  • Attacks of spasmophilia
  • Irritability, sadness and isolation

Most of the time, it is not uncommon to notice the appearance of the characteristic signs of a reactive depression. It is a form of depression contracted following a heavy emotional shock. In this case, the subject develops paradoxical symptoms. We cite, among other things, the fact of Find sleep in an environment that leaves little room for calm and relaxation.

Besides, Ignatia amara helps alleviate the psychosomatic clues that relate to functional disorders caused by psychic factors. These clues include yawning or loud sighs.

Finally, there are diseases caused by stress. We cite :

  • Digestive disorders : aerogastria, aerocoly, stomach pain, duodenal and gastric ulcer, nausea, esophageal spasms
  • Heart and respiratory disorders : palpitations, hyperventilation, nervous cough, tightness in the rib cage
  • Various pains : migraines, headaches, abdominal pain, menstrual pain
  • Muscle cramps and twitches
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Concerning the modalities of aggravation, they are rather of a psychic and olfactory order. We note grief, overwork, the smell of coffee or tobacco as well as strong emotions.

How to administer it correctly?

  • Nervous disorders: 1 dose in 9 CH every morning
  • Insomnia: 5 granules in 9 CH per day, to renew if necessary
  • Reactive depression: 1 dose in 9 CH on the first day, 12 CH on the second, 15 CH on the third and 30 CH on the fourth day; for old shocks take for 1 month 1 dose at 15 or 30 CH on Wednesday and Sunday
  • Functional disorders: for 1 month, take 5 granules in 7 CH in the morning, to renew if necessary
  • Diseases caused by stress: for 3 months, take 1 dose in 15 CH per week or 5 granules in 15 CH on demand

Finally, taking 3 granules of 9 CH per day for the first 3 months of menopause and 5 CH the following months reduces hot flashes.


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