Homeopathic remedy: all about Ruta graveolens

The homeopathic strain of Ruta graveolens is prepared from the flowering tops of the homonymous plant. Ruta graveolens, also called rue officinale in French, is an aromatic plant from the south-eastern regions of Europe. It belongs to the botanical family of Rutaceae.

In addition to its aromatic aspect, this plant is also used in natural medicine for its toning effect on the uterine muscles. In ancient times, its most common use was therefore to induce abortions as well as menstruation.

Today, because of its toxicity, this plant is mainly used in the form of homeopathic dilutions in a therapeutic context. The main active agents of rue officinalis are the following:

  • Concentrated essence
  • Rutin
  • Bergapten, 8-methoxypsoralen and psoralen which are furanocoumarins
  • Dictamnine
  • Quinole alkaloids

Finally, this plant is used in aromatherapy in the form of essential oil.

Indications of the drug

In homeopathy, Ruta graveolens excels in all kinds of pain treatment, especially those that occur as a result of physical trauma. In traumatology, it allows in particular to treat wounds characteristics of poorly trained athletes. We distinguish, among others, sprains, tendinitis, pubalgia as well as various cases of dislocation. Its other uses in homeopathy are:

  • Joint pain and periarthritis
  • Pain in the lumbar region, coccyx and sacrum after exertion or a fall
  • Formation of cysts in ligaments and tendons

This remedy is also indicated for eye trauma treatment. By its action, it reduces eye fatigue and overwork that occur after visual efforts. These efforts include, for example, prolonged exposure to a screen, poor lighting or difficulty reading small print.

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Finally, the typical disorders of this remedy are aggravated by cold and rest. The modalities of improvement are heat and movement.


For the pains as well as the eye disordersit is recommended to turn to granules at low dilution:

  • Physical trauma: take 5 granules in 5 CH in the morning, noon and evening, cure to be carried out for a period of 15 days; for severe pain, take 15 CH granules
  • Eye disorders: for 1 month, take 5 granules in 5 CH morning and evening

To treat pain, it is possible to combine Ruta graveolens with paracetamol or ibuprofen for those who do not suffer from gastric ulcer. For the first, the usual dosage is 2 tablets of 500 mg every 6 hours. However, do not exceed 4 doses per day. For the second, take every 6 hours up to 400 mg per dose.

To treat eye conditions, especially for people who put a lot of strain on their vision (sewing or screen), the association with Jaborandi is possible. Thus, take up to 4 times a day 5 granules in 5 CH.


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