Homeopathic remedy: in which cases to use Pertussinum?

For this officinal preparation, homeopaths use biotherapy techniques. Indeed, the homeopathic strain of Pertussinum is obtained directly from the sputum of whooping cough patients. It should be noted that the latter have not received any treatment before the sample is taken and are chosen according to the selection criteria of the French Agency for Sanitary Safety of Health Products or AFSSAPS.

Once the sample has been taken, the secretions then undergo a destruction of the molecular structure in order to eliminate any toxic element. It is also a process to ensure the benignity of excretions. Then, it is from the lysate obtained that the homeopathic medicine is prepared.

What health problems can this homeopathic remedy address?

Pertussinum is used in the whooping cough treatment as well as any form of pertussis cough in both children and adults. In children, it is especially useful in case of recurrent whooping cough. In particular, it relieves symptoms such as convulsive cough and wheezing.

This homeopathic remedy is also effective in the treatment of other respiratory conditions, especially those accompanied by violent fits of coughing. We distinguish, among others:

  • Persistent cough after pertussis vaccination
  • Laryngitis with cough
  • Pneumonia with cough
  • Chronic dry coughs
  • Sore throat with redness noted at the back of the throat as well as irritation of the palate especially during the night
  • Cough followed by nausea, vomiting and sobbing
  • Spasmodic choking or shortness of breath when coughing
  • Pain located in the chest
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Finally, Pertussinum can be used as whooping cough preventive measure. Nevertheless, in this case, caution is advised, as undesirable effects may appear.

When and how to take it?

In the treatment of whooping cough, pertussinum is primarily a complement to antibiotic treatment. The association with targeted homeopathic remedies is also possible, even recommended. In order to promote recovery, good hydration and a good diet are necessary.

In addition, to minimize the risk of contagion, and especially vis-à-vis children and babies, the subject with the disease must be isolated.

Regarding the dosage, take 3 to 4 times a day 3 to 5 granules in 7 CH. Once the symptoms have improved, space out the doses before stopping treatment. For each administration, let the granules or doses melt under the tongue. In infants and children under 6 years old, it is possible to dissolve them in a little water. It should be specified that the catches must be done away from meals, coffee, tobacco and mint.

Finally, whooping cough is a severe respiratory disease which requires rapid treatment and a complete medical diagnosis. Therefore, self-medication should be avoided. Before starting a cure based on Pertussinumit is essential to first seek the advice of a doctor or a specialist in homeopathy.


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