Homeopathic remedy Iodum, for asthma and hypertrophy

Currently, homeopathy appears on the same level as herbal medicine, massage therapy and aromatherapy. Iodum refers to a homeopathic remedy produced by Laboratoire Boiron, which is used particularly to treat hyperthyroidism and hypertrophy. It is a mineral strain obtained from Iodine. Discovered in 1811 by Bernard Courtois, this trace element comes from the halogen family. Colored in metallic gray swiveling to purple, it has a solid shape.

With atomic number 53 and symbol I, iodine designates an essential chemical element in the composition of thyroid hormones. At a well-controlled dose, it is a substance that the body needs to function well. Indeed, excess or lack of iodine can trigger serious effects in the human body. To remedy this, the Boiron laboratory technicians exploit the properties of this mineral and offer Iodum homeopathic solutions. Mention may be made of mother tinctures, drops, doses, ampoules, ointments and suppositories.

In food, iodine can be found in seafood and sea salt. The recommended daily ration for adult men should remain at 150 micrograms.

The beneficial effects of Iodum for health

The wrong proportions of iodine can induce us to growth problems and mental disorders. This not to mention thyroid nodules, sexual and ENT disorders. Know that these are all consequences of iodine deficiency and abuse. For treat underactive thyroid and hyperthyroidism, homeopaths recommend the use of Iodum homeopathic preparations. It helps to alleviate cardiac hypertrophy with palpitations. We especially recommend its use in the care of:

  • Acute and chronic nasopharyngitis accompanied by an irritating runny nose,
  • Acute laryngitis with hoarse cough and great anxiety,
  • Laryngeal tickling (painful laryngitis with choking sensation),
  • Mucous membranes (canker sores, gingivitis or stomatitis),
  • Mucous and irritating diarrhea aggravated by milk,
  • Dermatological disorders such as common acne and rosacea,
  • Ulcers of the oral mucosa,
  • Synovial cysts.
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In humans, it processes thetesticular induration or testicular atrophy.

The homeopathic preparation Iodum helps in obituaries and endocrinology. In particular, it relieves tremor, hyperthyroid goiter, tachycardia (aggravated by the slightest exercise) and exophthalmos. It also acts on the ovarian cysts on the right side, burning irritant discharge and endometriosis.

Iodum: contraindications and uses

The Iodum homeopathic strain comes in the form of galenic granules in low, medium and high dilution. No contraindications, but before starting treatment, always seek the advice of a health professional. During treatment, avoid touching the granules with your fingers. To open the tube, please remove the tab then flip and pull the cap to release the granules. In case of painless thyroid nodules, take 5 CH in 2 doses per day. You can treat endometriosis in low or medium dilution, always in 5 CH, twice a day.


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