Homeopathic remedy: what is Aconitum Napellus?

This homeopathic medicine comes from the plant of the same scientific name Aconitum Napellus, commonly known as aconite napel. It is a plant belonging to the botanical family of Ranunculaceae and which is very widespread in northern Asia and Europe. It grows mainly at altitude or in damp woods.

From a botanical point of view, aconite napel is easily recognizable by its purplish blue flowers and a turnip-shaped tuber. Another of its characteristics is its high toxicity. Moreover, this is what earned it the vernacular name of devil’s turnip. In addition, in a therapeutic setting, it is only used in the form of homeopathic dilutions.

At the biochemical level, the main active agents of this plant are aconitine, mesaconitine and hypaconitine, which are primarily responsible for its toxicity. The presence of aconitic acids is also noted.

In which cases is this drug indicated?

I’Aconitum Napellus is mainly used to treat pathologies resulting from a state of fear or anxiety. In other words, these are diseases of psychological origin. Indeed, when nervous disorders reach a high intensity, physical symptoms appear.

Among the indications of this drug, we distinguish the cardiovascular disorders. These are manifested by a disturbance of the heart rhythm and an increase in blood pressure. Pain in the left side of the rib cage may also be felt.

Then there is theflu-like symptoms accompanied by diseases of the respiratory tract. The main signs are fever, cold, cold, cough and inflammation of the larynx.

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The other indications of theAconitum Napellus are :

  • Neuralgia with a tingling sensation or numbness
  • Headaches and headaches accompanied by epistaxis
  • Gynecological disturbances: delay or sudden cessation of menstruation

It should be noted that since these symptoms are psychological in origin, they are often accompanied by nervous disorders. We cite in particular a panic attack, insomnia or poor quality of sleep, a tendency to isolation and an irrational fear of death. In some cases, we also notice redness in the skin, hot flashes, a feeling of intense thirst and uncontrollable tremors.

How to administer it?

For treat fever, take 5 granules 9 CH every hour until sweats appear. For 15 CH pellets:

  • Insulation and hot flushes: 5 granules in 4 times during the day for 1 to 2 days
  • Cardiovascular diseases: for 1 to 2 days, 5 granules every 3 hours
  • Insomnia: before bedtime, take 5 granules for 15 days
  • Neuralgia: take up to 6 times a day 5 granules of 15 to 30 CH for 15 days

For the absence of menstruationtake for 3 successive days 1 dose at 9 CH then 1 dose at 15 CH and finally 1 dose at 30 CH.


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