Homeopathic remedy: why use Lilium Tigrinum?

The homeopathic strain Lilium Tigrinum is prepared from the homonymous plant: tiger lily. It is an ornamental plant that comes mainly from countries in East Asia, namely Korea, Japan or China. This plant belongs to the Liliaceae botanical family.

Botanically, like all lilies, the flowers of the tiger lily are easily recognized by their turban shape. However, the difference is in its orange-red color speckled with dark purple peas. This color, imitating the coat of the tiger, is also what is at the origin of its name.

In the world of alternative medicine, this plant is only used in homeopathy. For the production of homeopathic medicines, specialists exploit the properties of the whole plant. The main bioactive compounds in tiger lily are flavonoids and saponins.

Main indications in natural medicine

Gynecological conditions:

Lilium Tigrinum improves women’s genitourinary health. Indeed, this homeopathic medicine occupies an important place in the treatment of various gynecological disorders.

First, it alleviates the sensations of heaviness in the genital area. Thus, it is particularly effective in case of:

  • Feeling of heaviness in the lower abdomen and ovaries, especially on the left side, accompanied by breast pain and heart palpitation
  • Pelvic congestion
  • Ptosis of the uterus

Secondly, this homeopathic remedy makes it possible to relieve pressure felt in the rectum, anus and bladder. This pressure mainly leads to a permanent urge to have a bowel movement or urinate. In some cases, the evacuation of urine is accompanied by burning or irritation in the urethra.

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Finally, during the periods of menstruationthis homeopathic remedy helps reduce catamenial pain.

Behavioral problems:

Lilium Tigrinum helps to treat mental disorders. By its action on the nervous system, it helps to treat depression which results in great sadness and constant worries about damnation. In some patients, there is also a tendency to hyperactivity and restlessness.

Heart conditions:

On the cardiac level, Lilium Tigrinum treats functional disorders of the heart. We distinguish, among others:

  • A heart rhythm disturbance
  • Pains and stitches in the chest (in the region of the heart) which sometimes extend to the right arm

For this drug, the conditions of aggravation are heat as well as standing. Outdoors, on the other hand, improves symptoms.

Administration Recommendations

To treat gynecological diseases, the recommended daily dosage is 3 granules in 7 to 9 CH, 1 to 2 times a day.

For the neuropsychiatric disorders, it is recommended to turn to the 9 to 30 CH dilution granules. Depending on the degree of intensity of the symptoms, it should be taken daily or weekly.


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