Homeopathy: let’s mobilize to maintain the reimbursement of homeopathy

Homeopathy is again under threat. Our press site: www.pressesante.com and all the editorial staff unreservedly support the mobilization launched by all those involved in homeopathy in France. Be numerous to go to the website provided for this purpose in order to put pressure on the public authorities to put an end to these unjustified attacks both on the health benefits of homeopathy and on its reimbursement.

Homeopathy has been the object for several months of unfounded and totally incomprehensible attacks. However, homeopathy provides a safe, global and individualized response to each patient, in addition to other therapies.

Today, 3 out of 4 French people who have used homeopathy at least once in their life consider homeopathic medicines to be effective. They are attached to their freedom of choice and wish to be able to continue to have access to this safe therapy, prescribed and advised by health professionals.

Furthermore, in the event of delisting, there could be a transfer to more expensive medicines for the community: the average price of reimbursable homeopathic medicines is €2.70, while the average price of other reimbursable medicines is €9.90. €.

This is why, at the request of patients, all those involved in homeopathy (health professionals, learned societies, patient associations, homeopathic medicine companies) wish to give the floor to the French so that they can express their attachment to this therapy and are demanding that reimbursement be maintained.

This campaign will revolve around 2 main devices:

– an Internet site myhomeomonchoix.fr on which everyone can find information on the realities of homeopathy and sign for the maintenance of their reimbursement

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– a non-surcharged SMS number allowing you to sign up by texting “homeo” to 32 321

The actors of homeopathy gathered around this campaign:

Professional organizations

  • SNMHF: National Syndicate of French Homeopathic Physicians
  • FNSMHF: National Federation of Homeopathic Medical Societies of France
  • SFH: French Society of Homeopathy
  • CHF: Center for Homeopathic Studies of France
  • SNMA: National Union of Anthroposophical Medicine
  • INHF-Paris: French National Homeopathic Institute
  • FFSH: French Federation of Homeopathy Societies
  • CEDH: Center for teaching and development of homeopathy
  • CDFH: Homeopathy Training Center
  • Saint-Jacques Hospital Association

learned societies

  • SSH: Learned Society of Homeopathy
  • SHISSO: International Homeopathic Society for Supportive Care in Oncology
  • SSMA: Learned Society of Anthroposophical Medicine

Patient associations

  • AHP-France: Homeopatient Association France
  • Safemed: collective of patients and healthcare professionals for integrative medicine

homeopathic medicine companies

* The information and services available on pressesante.com in no way replace the consultation of competent health professionals. [HighProtein-Foods.com]

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