Ho’oponopono: how to reconcile with yourself?

The term Ho’oponopono has its origins in Hawaii. This philosophy encompasses the techniques necessary for the well-being of the person. Etymologically, the word is divided into two parts. The “ho’o”, which announces the beginning of the action, and the “Pono”, which means benevolence, kindness and purity in all its forms. In Hawaiian culture, integrating the Pono means restoring meaning and balance to one’s life.

In the proper sense of the term, the word Ho’oponopono relates to harmony, the start of a new life, putting things in order and self-forgiveness. The concept aims to eliminate all the bad vibes that hang over you. Then it contributes to mind cleansing. Finally, it directs the person to the correction of wrongdoings, to change and to forgiveness. The ritual helps the person to have inner peace and to make peace with what surrounds him.

The Ho’oponopono method in history

In 1976, Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona popularized this way of thinking. The Hawaiian healer teaches this ancestral ritual by offering a more modern version. She adapts this ancient tradition to today’s world. Influenced by her upbringing and studies, Simeona merges two distinct traditions.

It mixes beliefs and highlights the relationship between karma and reincarnation. The therapies started in groups and ended in individual treatment. After his conference in the United States in 1983, the Ho’oponopono method spread like wildfire.

According to the principle of Dr. Hew Len, Ho’oponopono addresses the “inner child” and the “higher self” of each person. Joe Vitale simplifies practice in four words.

The health benefits of Ho’oponopono

the Ho’oponopono principle is above all spiritual. It reconciles body and mind. By being in adequacy with himself, the person will have no trouble sharing this balance with the community. He therefore brings peace and forgiveness around him. As the “treatment” progresses, the person aspires to positive things. Over time, she places more importance on her happiness. She is looking for her well-being more than anything else.

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How to practice Ho’oponopono?

The practice is to say the words “sorry, forgiveness, thank you and I love you”. The method allows the person to become aware of their actions and their impact. It releases the person from their emotions. Thus, it also helps to identify them and evacuate negativity. It is practiced daily and must come from the heart.

The fact is that the person has to face his mistakes and his past. She must be aware of her responsibilities and act as such. On a daily basis, the person realizes that she is the sole master of her life and that she alone can contribute to her happiness.


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