Horoscope: Late May Astral Climate: Saturn Retrograde May 23

“Heaven is within you” is the name I chose for these capsules. This is really what I retain from the astrology that I have been able to learn in 15 years. Beyond the astrological technique that studies the aspects of the planets, there is a deeper teaching of astrology. It is the choice that I make to explore this dimension by sharing my videos with you. The sky is in you, the sky is in us… it’s a way of reminding us that we are stardust, and that we live in unity with the cosmos. The Universe and Man are permanently synchronized, they resonate and vibrate in unison. To say that the stars influence our lives is false! Everything is a question of law (of analogy, of correspondence).

Going to meet the sky is to do the exercise of going to meet yourself, it is a way to free yourself from your sufferings: “Know the law and you will be free! says Charles Vouga.

Everything is there in us at birth and everything unfolds as our life progresses. The astrologer will try to bring out all these energies that are within you by looking at your astral chart. Astrology shows us the energies at work in our lives.

Astral climate of the end of May: Retrograde of Saturn, need to reconsider our projects to refine them

There is a cloudy sky at the end of the month. The major retrograde is that of Saturn which will begin on May 23rd. Who says demotion says return. We will be able to come back to Saturnian energies, that is to say forces linked to the law, society, authority, balance sheets, accountability. We may have to come back to a plan, a project to refine it. At the scale of society, perhaps devices like the Vaccine Passport will be reworked before being delivered to the French.

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In our lives, let’s look at what happens on weekends. Take a notebook and write down the changes that will translate into your lives. This is to readjust aspects of your lives that need to be put back on their feet, in balance to move forward with stability over time.

By Isabelle Motto-Ros, astrologer.

“New Witch”, eyes towards the stars and feet on the ground, I am a passionate astrologer, an explorer of the living and a researcher who has been walking the path of spirituality for many years. No horoscopes or double-edged predictions, no new-age or deterministic approach: I share with seriousness, kindness, depth and good humor an astrology at the service of Self-knowledge. My intention: to demystify this discipline, to transmit my passion and to enlighten your path a little. Nice discovery to all!

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“Heaven is within us! is the name of the video clips offered by a duo of passionate astrologers, Isabelle Motto-Ros-Ros and Sarah Arbonara, in collaboration with the website www.pressesante.com

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