How does rhodiola work against fatigue?

Rhodiola is an adaptogenic plant, that is to say a plant with the power to adapt to the needs of the body. For all people often struck by fatigue, rhodiola is a very effective natural remedy. Its mode of operation on the body helps the latter to better resist fatigue.

The principles of rhodiola against fatigue

For fight against tired residual, the virtuous properties of rhodiola are known to be effective. This is a plant that mainly contains salidroside, tyrosol, rosavin, polyphenolics. These are antifungal and antibacterial elements that help maintain the body’s energy.

Taking rhodiola brings many benefits to the body, whether physical or mental. The compositions of the plant first have an energizing action on the body. Temporary fatigue induced by stress and overwork can be avoided. They also help to fight against stress. It is possible to maintain a positive mood and nervous balance with this plant. The active ingredients of the plant also help to promote concentration. Furthermore, rhodiola is an antioxidant to prevent the effects of aging caused by free radicals.

The uses of rhodiola against fatigue

There are several possible uses of rhodiola against fatigue. There are instructions for using the plant, but also its modes of consumption.

Instructions for use

A rhodiola can be used internally. It will act on digestive disorders, intestinal disorders, heart disorders, nervous disorders. When the organism is in full health, it has a high endurance capacity. Externally, use will stop dermatological conditions. This is the case with skin aging, wrinkles, eczema, etc.

Consumption patterns

You can use rhodiola in several ways.

  • In infusion, powder, herbal tea or decoction, 350 to 550 mg per day is enough. You should take one to three cups a day for 7 days.
  • In homemade preparation, you have to boil water in which you will pour rhodiola. After 5 to 10 minutes of boiling, you can drink the drink hot or warm.
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The precautions of rhodiola against fatigue

A number of precautions should be taken to fight fatigue with rhodiola. Generally, this plant is taken only during the day and at noon. Taking it at night can cause insomnia. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should not take this treatment without the advice of the doctor. The same is true for people with chronic illnesses. These are people with diabetes, kidney trouble, cirrhosis. The doctor will make diagnoses if the treatment is suitable for these people. If so, he will be able to prescribe the dosage to be followed and the duration of the treatment. The doses must be carefully observed. A high dose will be fatal and toxic to the body.

It should be noted that Rhodiola cannot be consumed with antibiotics, sedatives, paracetamol, antidepressants, antivirals, estrogens, opiates, brain stimulants, etc. For avoid a tired more advanced, the interaction of rhodiola with these drugs is avoided.


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