How essential oils take care of heavy legs?

Much more common than you might imagine, the feeling of heavy legs is a real daily handicap. In addition, it is the first stage of a pathology called “chronic venous insufficiency of the lower limbs”, which affects more than one in two women and around one in four men. A precise mixture of essential oils in external massage can quickly give you back light legs. By Pierre Franchomme, international specialist in essential oils.

The symptoms associated with heavy legs are varied, but always more marked at the end of the day, especially after prolonged standing or sitting, or in hot weather (or even in the event of underfloor heating): the legs seem heavy, the calves are painful, sometimes with tingling or night cramps, feet and ankles may swell (oedema). These discomforts are improved by the application of cold, physical exercise or elevation of the legs.

At a more advanced stage of venous insufficiency, varicose veins (dilated superficial veins) may appear and complications are possible in the absence of treatment (venous ulcer, phlebitis).

Heavy legs: when the blood stagnates in the legs

The sensation of heavy legs results from poor venous return, with loss of tone in the walls of the veins, leading to blood stagnation in the lower limbs. It is associated with dilation of the veins and a lack of sealing of their anti-reflux valves. The resulting hyperpressure in the veins promotes the leakage of plasma fluid, drained by the lymphatic network. It is when the latter ends up being “overwhelmed” that a visible edema forms in the ankles or feet…

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Risk factors for venous insufficiency

Gender (women are more affected than men), age (veins lose tone with age), heredity (especially if both parents are affected), lack of physical activity, overweight, hormonal changes linked to pregnancy, the number of pregnancies, standing or seated work postures (sales at the counter, secretarial work, driving a vehicle, etc.), long-term air travel, heat (effect of capillary vasodilation ).

The secret to overcoming heavy legs: a synergy of essential oils

First, it is necessary to decongest the veins thanks to phlebotonic essential oils (strengthen the tone of the veins) and to stimulate the lymphatic drainage thanks to lymphotonic essential oils (strengthen the tone of the lymphatic vessels), applied in massage on the legs.

Among the most active essential oils, we will retain, in synergy:

– Evergreen Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens): it is the essential essential oil for venous congestion, both phlebotonic and lymphotonic. As it is slightly estrogen-mimetic, it should however not be used in case of mastosis or estrogen-dependent cancer. In this case, it can be replaced by essential oil of pistachio lentisk or red myrtle, which are also very active.

– Himalayan Cedar (Cedrus deodara): major lymphotonic.

– Italian Immortelle (Helichrysum italicum): its vascular activity is essential through its anti-coagulant properties, which act on the “blood filth” which makes it more haemodynamic, and its anti-inflammatory properties which limit oedema. It also acts to prevent the complications of venous stasis.

– Peppermint (Mentha x piperita): thanks to menthol, it provides a percutaneous analgesic effect, associated with an impression of lightness and freshness.

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The exact mixture to make at home to find light legs

A synergy of these four essential oils can be prepared, combining 30% Evergreen Cypress, 30% Himalayan Cedar, 30% Italian Immortelle and 10% Peppermint.

This mixture will be diluted in a base of Calophyllum vegetable oil (Calophyllum inophyllum) with anti-inflammatory and circulatory tonic properties, up to 5% essential oils.

Either for a 10 ml bottle:

– 5 drops of Evergreen Cypress EO – 5 drops of Himalayan Cedar EO – 5 drops of Immortelle from Italy EO – 2 drops of Peppermint EO

to be completed with the HV of calophylle to fill the bottle.

Apply in massage on the legs morning and evening

Apply 10 drops of the mixture on the legs, morning and evening, and massage in the direction of the venous return: the massage begins at the level of the soles of the feet, going up gradually along the leg.

If the treatment is to be extended over several weeks, take care to provide therapeutic windows by applying it only 5 days out of 7, for example.

Pierre Franchomme is a leader in the field of medicinal essential oils. A true pioneer since 1975, he is notably the discoverer of several essential oils that are essential today such as ravintsara, tea tree, radiated eucalyptus, immortelle, fragrant inule… His immense research work has posed the bases of aromatic pharmacology, leading him to impose the fundamental notion of “chemotype” and to collaborate with prestigious organizations: Institut Pasteur in Paris, Faculty of Medicine in Toulouse, CNRS, and many others. Pierre Franchomme is also a teacher in Aromatherapy and founder of the humanitarian association Aromatherapy Without Borders.

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