How is calophyllum oil used?

From the common name calophylle, inophylle, tamanu, laurel of Alexandria or foraha, calophylle oil is produced by the tamanu or foraha tree. Its botanical name is Calophyllum inophyllum from the Clusiaceae family. This vegetable oil is extracted from the seeds contained in dried almonds in India, Tahiti, Madagascar and Vietnam.

Properties of calophyllum oil

I’calophyllum oil has organoleptic particularities. These change according to the conditions of production of the oil. This is the case with the country, sunshine, organic production, etc.

The color of foraha oil, however, is normally dark green. It has a strong, spicy smell, close to curry or earth. The tamanu oil texture is thick and greasy. It offers a pronounced taste.

Composition of calophyllum oil

The composition of this vegetable oil is not always the same. It is influenced by its mode of production. As long as the oil is extra-virgin obtained by cold pressing, it retains its good composition. In a calophyllum oil there are always fatty acids, vitamins and some active constituents.

Fatty acid composition

Very rich in fatty acids, found first in thefohara oil monounsaturated fatty acids of 30 to 40% oleic or omega 9. Then we find polyunsaturated fatty acids of 25 to 40% linoleic or omega 6. Finally, we find saturated fatty acids of 15% palmitic and 13 to 17% stearic .

Set apart vitamins E, there are other active constituents in calophyllum oil. This is the case with resins, flavonoids, inophyllina, calaustraline, inophyllolide, polypherols. We even find essential oils in fohara with the molecules acora-3.5-diene and carvacrol.

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Ways to use calophyllum oil

In cutaneous application, the oil of fohara will be used in unction, in massage or in local application. For more efficiency, you can mix the oil with other essential oils with various virtues.

In nutritional use, the oil is not really recommended. It has some toxicity to the body. However, as part of a particular treatment, you can still consume it under the supervision of a doctor. Take heed of the precautions for use.

Cosmetic aspect of calophylle oil

Calophyllum oil is known for its various active properties. It is healing, anti-inflammatory, regenerating, softening, protective and antioxidant.. It acts not only on the skin, but also on the hair and nails. The oil composes several cosmetic products sold in the market.

Main benefits

The fohara is a painkiller oil, antiseptic and photo-protective. Therefore, in case of rheumatism or muscular, joint or tendon pathology, calophylle oil will be your ally. For everything dermatological problem, this oil must be used. In the event of a severe burn, it is advisable to apply the oil to the affected part. Various diseases can be treated with this oil. For example gout attacks, cold sores, periodontitis, etc.


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