How is Laughter Therapy Practiced?

Laughter therapy is a contemporary therapeutic method. Humor and laughter are a good antidote against stress. It is therefore excellent for health. Laughing oxygenates the body and reduces muscle tension. It also massages the ribs and works the diaphragm. Thus favoring the elimination of residues present in the lungs and increasing the respiratory capacity. In short, this therapy has the ability to cure all kinds of problems.

How did she appear?

Norman Cousins ​​conducted the first scientific experiment of the laughter therapy in 1964.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Freud affirmed the powers of humor. It makes man stronger by letting him demonstrate his refusal to let suffering bring him down. It also makes it possible to affirm the invincibility of one’s self, thus making the pleasure principle triumph.

Rod Martin, a laughter specialist from the University of Western Ontario in Canada synthesized the previous studies. It was in 1996 that he concluded a theory on the effects of humor on psychological and emotional health. According to him, the effects are beneficial and measurable.

Doctor Kataria created the first laughter club in India. Today, there are 6,000 clubs in 60 different countries. The list of these clubs can be consulted on Dr. Kataria’s laughter Yoga website. There are also some on the website laugh club from Europe.

A festival of Yoga of laughter is held every year in Dourdan.

What are its benefits on the body?

Laughter therapy can heal loneliness caused by bereavement, divorce, or sadness. In the club, we experience the group laugh on a regular basis. All exercises are aimed at stimulating one’s own ability to laugh and relax. It allows you to cultivate your health. In addition, it makes one adopt a more joyful and positive attitude towards life.

As for the immediate benefits, laughter therapy provides better mood and flexibility. Thus, it makes its practitioners reconnect to life and the world.

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What is a laughter therapy session like?

A session lasts approximately one hour. It is usually done in the morning, so the day can start off on the right foot.

First, there is a warm-up. Then the facilitator gives the rules to follow. It is take care of yourself, to look each other in the eye and to participate. By pretending to laugh, we manage to laugh. You can even catch a giggle. So, we have to do it even if it’s unintentional at first.

Since it’s good for morale and for the body, we must also move around the room.

Finally, the session ends with a relaxation to welcome the last laughs.


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